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EXO Tracer

The EXO Tracer series with MFT mount is available with GigE Vision and USB3 interface.

Black industrial camera with visible sensor and open MFT lens mount.

EXO Tracer

The EXO Tracer is based on the proven camera technology of the successful EXO series, whereby all the features of the EXO have been fully adopted. Due to the dimensions of the Micro Four Thirds bayonet, the housing of the EXO Tracer is slightly larger. As with the EXO, this larger, robust housing is characterized by an excellent thermal concept that ensures optimum heat dissipation.

The embedding of the lens control in the GenICam 3.0 tree of the camera allows any GenICam application to control the lens without additional drivers. The integrated strobe controller is also mapped in the GenICam tree, all settings are realized as GenICam properties.

The geometry of the sensor-side beam path, which applies to all MFT lenses, harmonizes perfectly with sensor sizes from 2/3" to 1.2" and thus guarantees an extremely clean flat field. Resolutions of up to 20 MP and a dynamic range of up to 72 dB result in an outstanding image with the highly sensitive sensors.

MFT lenses (often magnetically mounted) prove to be surprisingly robust in operation and have been tested to work perfectly even after 1 million focusing cycles. Typical focus and zoom times are comparable to those of sophisticated photography.

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Industrial camera with lens control?

The areas of application for industrial cameras are becoming increasingly diverse. Industrial cameras and image processing systems are increasingly taking on tasks in logistics and quality assurance that no longer work with rigid imaging geometries. The EXO Tracer is particularly suitable for areas such as logistics, robotics, quality assurance and traffic monitoring.

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