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FXO 25GigE

Brand new and incredibly fast: the FXO 25GigE delivers up to 671 fps with a resolution of 1.8 MP.

Two industrial cameras with black and blue housing, 25 GigE Vision logo.

FXO 25GigE

The use of the 25GigE interface is revolutionizing industrial image processing with its outstanding performance features. The impressive bandwidth enables the transmission of immense amounts of data, which is particularly crucial for applications with high resolutions and fast frame rates. The technology also offers minimized latency, enabling near real-time image processing and analysis, a critical aspect in dynamic industrial environments.

With the 25GigE version of the successful FXO series, SVS-Vistek now offers a powerful tool in this sector. By using SFP28 optical transceivers, data transmissions over distances of up to 10,000 meters are possible, making it particularly suitable for extensive industrial sites. It integrates seamlessly into existing network structures, enabling companies to adapt the technology without massive hardware overhauls, resulting in cost efficiency. The FXO 25GigE also impresses with reliability and a robust, thermally highly optimized milled housing, which is essential for an uninterrupted and stable data flow.

The FXO 25GigE also impresses with a milled housing measuring just 50 x 50 x 100 mm, making it currently one of the most compact industrial cameras with a 25GigE interface in the world.

Technical highlights:

  • Sony IMX sensors of the third and fourth generation
  • GenICam 3.0 software interface
  • 25GigE interface
  • LUT, binning, ROI
  • Electrical and optical inputs
  • Up to 60°C operating temperature
  • Integrated 4-channel strobe controller
  • Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, logic functions, programmable sequencers and timers and RS232 interface
  • Extremely high data/frame rates
  • Numerous accessory and cabling options
  • Support for camera networks and synchronization methods (PTP)
  • Low latency and jitter
  • Cable lengths up to 10 kilometers
  • Wide range of applications in industry and sport

Models & Technical Data

Areas of application

The scalability of this camera's technology ensures the future viability of image processing systems. The support of standardized image processing protocols promotes compatibility and flexibility in different application areas. The advantages of the FXO 25GigE enable innovative and advanced applications in automation and image analysis, which contribute to the optimization and increased efficiency of industrial processes.

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