The EVO "Tracer" is the first industrial camera equipped with the Micro Four Thirds lens standard. By allowing full user control of zoom, focus and aperture, the lens becomes an integrated part of the camera. The Micro Four Thirds lens system was pioneered by increasing demands in digital still photography. This standard, based on a bayonet mount, is widely used for compact cameras and is 100% optimized for digital image capture. There is a wide selection of suitable lenses, and more are on the way, making new and previously unthinkable solutions reality.

  • Micro Four Thirds adapter
  • Fast user control of zoom, aperture and focus
  • Lens settings controlled by Ethernet interface
  • Dual GigE Vision data interface (Gigabit Ethernet Standard)
  • GigE Vision and GenIcam standards compatibility
  • Two parallel Ethernet connections enabling increased data rates
  • Any AOI possible (Area Of Interest)
  • SDK for Windows (32/64bit) and Linux available

Applications and Application Areas

The "Tracer" opens up countless new possibilities within industrial machine vision, robotics, traffic management, high-end surveillance and even in the digital broadcast and film industry.

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