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The SHR series:
Made for big tasks

Highest resolution with large pixels and large sensor format: The SHR shines with up to 151 MP resolution when the task at hand requires uncompromising image quality.

Black industrial camera with large, open sensor and silver-colored M72 mount.

High Resolution
made in Germany

Large pixels have many advantages when it comes to image quality in cameras, the physics here are clear. Some high-end tasks require the highest resolutions and impeccable image quality, which cannot be achieved without correspondingly large pixels for the optimum transfer function. This also applies to the highest resolutions. Tasks made for the SHR series.

Large sensors require special care in the camera to ensure a homogeneous image. Shading correction for demanding optical tasks and user-defined defect pixel correction ensure outstanding linearity, homogeneity and low noise. 

We connect CMOS sensors in this category with the most powerful interfaces in order to make full use of the sensor's high data rates. All cameras in the SHR series offer extensive I/O functions with sequencer and integrated strobe controller.

Powerful features

  • Highest resolution with optimized frame rate
  • Sony CMOS sensors with rolling and global shutter
  • Mono and Color (Bayer Pattern, Auto White Balance)
  • 512 MB internal image memory
  • 8 or 12 bit transmission
  • M72 thread (FFD 19.55)
  • User-defined Defect Pixel Correction
  • ROI, Look Up Table, Binning, Gamma, Offset
  • GenICam compatible
  • Exposure time: Trigger manual/auto/external
  • Integrated multi-channel LED strobe controller
  • Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, programmable logic functions, sequencers and timers, RS232

Versatile lens connections

High structural precision in sensor alignment and housing ensures precise image reproduction and a secure hold for the camera mount, adapter and lenses. The medium-format SHR is equipped with a standardized M72 thread and can therefore be used with a wide range of lenses and adapter rings. Thanks to the short flange distance of 19.55 mm, the highest quality lens systems can be individually adapted for almost any task.