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Imaging Solutions in Film Production

Whether in drones with acceleration rates of many g or in multi-cam systems: SVS-Vistek industrial cameras generate broadcast-standard image quality.

Limits expanded

Huge improvements in image quality of industrial cameras have resulted in a proliferation of industrial cameras in film production. The small and hugely reliable cameras generate images of excellent quality in processes where large-scale film technology has no access.

That's what matters

Precise cooperation

If you want to virtualize 3D images, precise cooperation and timing of all connected cameras is essential to avoid image distortions. The excellent I/O timing of SVS cameras keep post production efforts low.

Variable lenses

With our lens control and our MFT cameras we create focusable cameras via Ethernet interface. In perfect optical quality better than 4k.


Machine vision cameras very often are used in extreme environments or hard shocks and vibration. A solid camera design is essential for this kind of advanced film sets.

Typical fields of application & suitable cameras

Benefit from the industry knowledge of our experts!

Are you looking for a solution for a specific application? Take advantage of the in-depth industry knowledge and project experience of our experts.