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Imaging Solutions for Photovoltaics Production

The power lies in the sun

Using solar cells and solar panels, with legacy or storage technologies is an effective way for every building structure or designated open space to produce energy in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Producing silicon wafers is a multistep process that demands use of industrial cameras. High resolutions in tandem with high frame rates support rapid and error-free production.

For solar panels to maintain their performance over many years, the contacts and casing must be of the highest quality – just like the SVS-Vistek cameras, which are often used in this process.

That's what matters

Sensors with NIR sensitivity

Defects in solar panels (e.g. in the contact area) are often detected in the NIR range. Instead of expensive IR cameras with a low resolution, a sensor with an optimized NIR yield often makes more sense.

Higher resolution makes sense

Small defects in one panel may influence the performance of several panels depending on how they are linked to each other. The detection of small defects requires an inspection camera with a higher resolution

Typical fields of application & suitable cameras

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