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Imaging Solutions for Robotics

Teaching robots to see

Robots are already part and parcel of industrial production. SVS-Vistek offers state-of-the-art cameras in robust, milled cases. They produce outstanding image quality with high optical dynamics and changing lighting conditions. Our lens control is almost unrivaled. It allows full control over focus, zoom and aperture of the camera via the GenICam interface. Liquid lenses as well as MFT lenses are supported. All major software packages support these functions.

That's what matters

Robust design

Cameras mounted to robot arms are exposed to rapidly changing acceleration. They must be solidly built.

Flexible lens solutions

Variable lens focus reduces the robot travel paths and, hence, time.

Integrated flash controller

Camera-integrated lighting control saves cable in the arm, reduces integration requirements and results in a means that the compact camera head can be compact.

Typical fields of application & suitable cameras

Benefit from the industry knowledge of our experts!

Are you looking for a solution for a specific application? Take advantage of the in-depth industry knowledge and project experience of our experts.