• 28. October 2022
    High-resolution and ready for the series: The new shr661
    The new, high-resolution shr661 CMOS camera with global shutter is now available with the particularly fast 10GigE Vision or CoaXPress-12 interfaces. » Read more
  • 28. October 2022
    The FXO gets fast, special addition to the family
    SVS-Vistek introduces the fxo487 ultraviolet camera, one of the most powerful UV cameras on the market today with a maximum frame rate of 194 fps ... » Read more
  • 28. October 2022
    Highly precise and super fast
    As the latest addition to our Mikrotron High-Speed CoaXPress camera series, we introduce the EoSens®21CXP2 and EoSens®10CXP2. » Read more
  • 12. April 2022
    The better white balance
    The color reproduction of industrial cameras is a challenge for engineers very often. SVS-Vistek's FXO series offers a method that goes far beyond ... » Read more
  • 2. March 2022
    Better than the human eye
    Machine Vision with properties of light invisible to the human eye, such as SWIR, UV or Polarized, is becoming increasingly important in ... » Read more
  • 25. January 2022
    FXO ready to deliver
    The FXO series is our latest C mount performance camera series. State-of-the-art image sensors from Sony set standards for image quality in ... » Read more
  • 8. November 2021
    Machine Vision with focusable lenses
    EXO, FXO and HR series cameras now support focusable lenses from Canon. The new SVS-EF adapter thus simplifies flexible inspection solutions with ... » Read more
  • 25. August 2021
    Global Shutter with 127 Megapixel - shr661: the fat boy in machine vision
    More resolution! More image quality! With high-resolution machine vision systems, the smallest object structures are classified in the highest ... » Read more
  • 8. August 2021
    High resolution with global shutter
    High resolution cameras are usually equipped with a rolling shutter, which is easier to manufacture but can cause problems, especially in ... » Read more
  • 28. June 2021
    New camera models in the FXO series with 8 and 12 MP
    The latest additions to the FXO camera series are called fxo545 and fxo546. The cameras are equipped with high-quality Sony Pregius S sensors and ... » Read more
  • 20. May 2021
    FXO series with technical highlights
    The FXO series stands for high performance among C-mount cameras. Equipped with various technical highlights, it offers uncompromising image ... » Read more
  • 8. April 2021
    Precise to the microsecond with PTP
    Especially for large inspection systems in industry, the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a very useful feature. It helps to keep many different ... » Read more
  • 23. February 2021
    65 megapixel and global shutter: the new hr65 with 10GigE
    In machine vision, a global shutter is an extremely valuable asset in many applications, but most high-resolution cameras on the market work with ... » Read more
  • 22. February 2021
    SVS-Vistek goes SWIR with fxo990 and exo990
    SWIR applications have a reputation for being complicated and expensive. The new cameras exo990 and fxo990 from SVS-Vistek cover an extremely wide ... » Read more
  • 20. February 2021
    New hr51 with GMAX4651 and a new type of CMOS image optimization
    Gpixel's GMAX4651 is a new top quality global shutter image sensor with 4:3 aspect ratio and 51 megapixel resolution. SVS-Vistek has developed a ... » Read more
  • 25. January 2021
    New: exo253ZU3 with 12 MP, USB and polarized sensor
    The polarized sensor IMX253MZR from Sony simplifies many tasks in image processing. SVS-Vistek has already demonstrated some applications that ... » Read more
  • 22. January 2021
    Cool performance: The FXO series with CoaXPress-12
    Image acquisition with CoaXPress always had a touch of exotic and expensive. The FXO series with CoaXPress-12 shows that an excellent picture with ... » Read more
  • 4. November 2020
    Small volume top performance: The FXO with nBase-T and 10GigE
    In the new FXO camera series, SVS-Vistek relies on the new Pregius S sensors of the 4. generation from Sony and the powerful nBase-T and 10GigE ... » Read more
  • 24. October 2020
    hr51 with 51 megapixel and 10GigE live at VisionChina
    For the first time the new camera hr51MXGE with 10GigE interface from SVS-Vistek is presented live at VisionChina2020 (Shenzhen) in November 2020. ... » Read more
  • 15. September 2020
    Technology Package FXO
    The FXO is the latest camera series from SVS-Vistek. The focus is on a high-end camera series in C-mount format with the latest sensor and ... » Read more
    13. July 2020
    Sony Gen. 4 sensors in new EXO cameras
    The 4th generation of the new Sony Pregius sensors offers excellent image quality with global shutter, high resolution with a small pixel and an ... » Read more
  • 29. May 2020
    New Pregius™ S sensors from Sony for Machine Vision
    The new Pregius™ S sensors from Sony shine with outstanding optical characteristics and a new backlight design » Read more
  • 4. May 2020
    Dynamic lens control for industrial applications
    SVS-Vistek always strives to provide customers with new and innovative products. We are pleased to be able to provide a specially developed ... » Read more
  • 18. February 2020
    Shading with CMOS cameras
    There are many good reasons for lens testing. But although an (expensive) lens has excellent values, it doesn't necessarily have to be compatible ... » Read more
  • 17. February 2020
    101 Megapixel for Excellent Images
    The new shr461CX is the latest model out of the high-resolution SHR camera series from SVS-Vistek. The new rolling shutter sensor IMX461 from Sony ... » Read more
  • 18. December 2019
    hr342XGE: A champion in the field with 31 megapixels
    The hr342XGE is a technological milestone in camera construction. The camera combines the exceptional image quality of the Sony Pregius 2 sensor ... » Read more
  • 23. October 2019
    New cameras up to 31MP with M42 mount and GigE Vision
    SVS-Vistek has recently started offering high quality CMOS cameras with M42 mount. This allows even higher-resolution sensors with large 3.45 x ... » Read more
  • 27. September 2019
    New member for the EXO family with Sony IMX428
    The new exo428xU3 with Sony IMX428 sensor is the modern, fast and in the image quality clearly superior alternative to the old ICX695 CCD sensor. » Read more
  • 26. September 2019
    ON Semiconductor CCD Sensor Discontinuance Notification
    ON Semiconductor plans to discontinue production of CCD sensors in Rochester/USA in 2020 and shut down the factory. SVS-Vistek helps its customers ... » Read more
  • 5. August 2019
    Change of shareholder at SVS-Vistek GmbH
    On 31 July, the TKH Group signed the purchase agreement for the 100% takeover of the shares in SVS-Vistek GmbH. » Read more
  • 17. June 2019
    High Speed with CoaXPress and High Resolution: the hr342
    The hr342 with CoaXPress interface is SVS-Vistek's latest industrial camera. Its features predestine it for a multitude of demanding applications ... » Read more
  • 16. May 2019
    SVCapture2 with new features
    SVCam Kit provides a modern GenICam-based software architecture for industrial cameras. Version 2.5.3 of the interactive tool SVCapture offers new ... » Read more
  • 24. April 2019
    Maintenance Release SVCapture 1.5.8
    The long-term availability of software drivers is an important criterion for the integration of industrial products. The new release 1.5.8 is a ... » Read more
  • 27. March 2019
    Fastest 31 Megapixel Camera on the Market with Sony IMX342
    The new IMX342 from Sony offers first-class image quality with 31 megapixels. SVS-Vistek is complements this sensor with powerful interfaces such ... » Read more
  • 25. January 2019
    New high resolution EXO cameras with up to 31 megapixel
    High resolutions up to 31 megapixel and best image quality with a small footprint are the keypoints of the new EXO series cameras. Being available ... » Read more
  • 17. December 2018
    151 Megapixel: SVS-Vistek's shr411
    With the announcement of the shr411, SVS-Vistek presents a high-quality CMOS area scan camera, which provides users an outstanding resolution of ... » Read more
  • 16. December 2018
    exo250 with polarized sensor goes into series production
    The new polarized sensors from Sony are simplifying some very common machine vision tasks. As one of the first manufacturers of cameras, ... » Read more
  • 14. December 2018
    10 GigE Vision
    SVS-Vistek is extending its range of interfaces with 10 GigE Vision. The high bandwidth of up to 1.1 GB/s of image data comes without changes on ... » Read more
    13. December 2018
    New solutions with polarized sensor
    The new polarized sensor from Sony has everything to simplify difficult tasks in image processing. On the Vision 2018 show SVS-Vistek showcased ... » Read more
    13. December 2018
    4 I/O, MFT and more
    On the Vision show 2018 we showed an exo304MGETR Tracer camera and displayed the advantages of the integrated 4 I/O interface and the integrated ... » Read more
    13. December 2018
    SWIR - Short wave infrared
    SVS-Vistek is extending its portfolio to cameras into wavelength ranges not visible to human beings with the partnership of BlueVision. On the ... » Read more
  • 11. October 2018
    SVS-Vistek and BlueVision working together in cameras
    Already friends for many years, SVS-VISTEK and BlueVision joined forces in September 2018 to market their products. BlueVision offers a wide ... » Read more
    3. September 2018
    HR camera series revised
    We are presenting new versions of the successful, ultra-high-resolution HR camera series at the Vision trade fair. Featuring an enhanced ... » Read more
  • 1. August 2018
    Open eVision 2.5 released
    Open eVision is a reliable, powerful and flexible software suite from Euresys, dedicated to image processing and analysis. » Read more
  • 26. April 2018
    hr120 color available
    hr120 is available now with color sensor as well » Read more
  • 15. March 2018
    New additions to the EXO family
    The EXO family is constantly being enhanced. Here you can find outstanding industrial cameras with the latest sensors and powerful features. » Read more
  • 15. March 2018
    120 megapixels with CoaXPress
    The hr120 is causing a sensation. Its high resolution of 120 megapixels puts it firmly in the premium industrial camera class. However, with its ... » Read more
  • 22. February 2018
    SDK with extended functionality
    The new version 2.5.0 of the SVS-Vistek SDK features new support for Camera Link and provides increased fuctionality. It is based on latest GenTL ... » Read more
  • 6. February 2018
    20 megapixel USB 3.1 camera goes into series production
    SVS-Vistek announced today the series production of the 20-megapixel exo183 machine vision camera as USB 3.1 version. Demand for a camera with ... » Read more
  • 11. December 2017
    hr120 - the new reference in high resolution industrial cameras
    The new hr120 is entering series production. Based on a innovative image sensor, it is the new reference in high resolution image quality for ... » Read more
  • 16. October 2017
    OTTO Vision Technology: Proprietary imaging process software a strength
    Up to 30 electrical plug-in connectors per second, each of which entail any number of adjustable test features, and each error has to be detected ... » Read more
  • 14. June 2017
    20 MP Camera Link machine vision camera with C-mount
    Following on from the presentation of the exo183CGE as SVS-Vistek’s GigE Vision camera at the end of March, the Camera Link version exo183CCL ... » Read more
  • 13. June 2017
    Boost in speed for Camera Link cameras
    For many years, Camera Link has been an extremely successful protocol for controlling industrial cameras. The advantages that it provides include ... » Read more
  • 2. May 2017
    Highly sensitive 20MP camera with C-mount
    The number of areas in which machine vision is being used is growing by the day. At the same time, the trend towards high resolution remains ... » Read more
  • 2. May 2017
    Hot: EXO with a specified temperature range of -10 to +60°C
    The final long-term testing has been completed. All EXO models featuring the Sony IMX sensor are now specified for operating temperatures from -10 ... » Read more
  • 27. April 2017
    Move! MFT lenses in machine vision
    In machine vision, there is a clear trend towards greater resolutions, while image quality is increasingly growing in importance. Higher richness ... » Read more
  • 21. March 2017
    The EXO304 Tracer - Machine vision is becoming dynamic
    The EVO Tracer sets standards as an industrial camera with controllable Micro Four Thirds lens systems. With the new EXO304 Tracer, SVS-Vistek is ... » Read more
  • 19. December 2016
    New EXO Cameras with Camera Link and Sony IMX sensores
    With the new IMX Pregius 2 sensors, Sony raised CMOS image quality to a new level. SVS-Vistek is implementing its ‚X interfaces‘ strategy and ... » Read more
  • 21. November 2016
    Final spurt for SVS-Vistek
    Final spurt for SVS-Vistek. VISION Stuttgart 2016 and ITE Yokohama marking the end of a successful year of trade shows. » Read more
  • 24. October 2016
    New members for the EXO series
    X sensors, X interfaces - one Body, one platform Now with 9 and 12 megapixels for even more details - the EXO series is being enlarged with the ... » Read more
    27. September 2016
    New SVCapture 2.1.1 released
    A new version of SVCapture has been released, including GenTL support. » Read more
    12. September 2016
    CoaXPress in demanding applications
    CoaXPress does show significant advantages in demanding environments and meets MIL specifications » Read more
  • 20. July 2016
    The "HR" with the "PYTHON" CMOS sensor is entering series production.
    Maximum resolution combined with maximum data rates – SVS-Vistek is offering nothing less than this with its enhanced HR series. With the new ... » Read more
  • 30. June 2016
    SVS-Vistek at Vision China Shenzhen
    SVS-Vistek shows latest cameras at Vision China Shenzhen » Read more
  • 23. June 2016
    Image processing meets machine building
    Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 is promising an almost completely networked, extremely dynamic adaptable production environment. Machine vision ... » Read more
  • 13. April 2016
    A perfect marriage: The EXO with Sony Pregius sensors
    EXO is the perfect choice for all users wishing to scale the performance of their systems with minimum effort. With its uniform 50x50 aluminum ... » Read more
  • 1. March 2016
    A cup of coffee with Sebastian Bachmann
    Three questions for Sebastian Bachmann. As a field application engineer, he has been supporting SVS-Vistek's sales department since October 2015, ... » Read more
  • 9. February 2016
    Headed for the north! SVS-Vistek expanding its sales network in Scandinavia
    After achieving a roughly 25% increase in turnover last year and reinforcing its position in the international marketplace, SVS-VISTEK GmbH now ... » Read more
  • 3. December 2015
    Five lenses for M72 area sensors
    A wide range of lenses with an M72 thread is already available on the market. For line scan cameras we had first contact with these huge lenses. ... » Read more
  • 13. August 2015
    Colors in black and white
    With the HT-series ,Schneider Kreuznach Filter presents a new generation of band-pass and long-pass filters. Named “High Transmission” (HT), ... » Read more
  • 13. July 2015
    Warranty Expired
    The KAI11040 was one of the first CCD sensors we used in the high resolution HR-series. The owner of one of the first 11 Megapixel cameras we ... » Read more
  • 16. June 2015
    GenICam 3.0 - Updates and backwards compatibility
    Making use of GenICam 3.0 in your applications and known potential stumbling blocks for backwards compatibility. » Read more
  • 24. April 2015
    The Sony CCD situation, based the status as of 17th of April 2015:
    Sony intends to cease production of CCD sensor wafers by 2017. In parallel, major investments are being made in the expansion of the CMOS ... » Read more
  • 17. December 2014
    Sony - Exmor & Pregius - Global shutter CMOS Sensor - IMX174
    Get the background story, on why there is so much talk about these sensors. Read more about the unique features of the Exmor™ and Pregius™ ... » Read more
  • 17. December 2014
    Exview HAD II - greater than 1000 mV pro 1 µm²
    We would like to take a moment to give you an update on the latest improvements found in HAD II. EXview HAD II™ provides higher saturation ... » Read more
  • 12. November 2014
    The new SVCam-EXO series from SVS-VISTEK - The multi-platform
    Multi Sensor, Multi-Interface, Multi-Feature -Housing At the Vision 2014 SVS-VISTEK showcased a new versatile camera series in a “classic“ ... » Read more
  • 12. November 2014
    New HR Models – CoaXPress and Camera Link Full.
    ON Semi CMOS 12 and 25 megapixel with maximum frame rate. The HR series features four new top-of-the-line models with well-established form ... » Read more
  • 7. October 2014
    KAI-11002 und KAI-16000 in a new robe
    As one of the first manufacturers that installed this highly light sensitive sensors, the time has come to offer them a new home. We improved the ... » Read more
  • 7. October 2014
    The ICX834 completes the range of newest Sony CCD’s
    Exview HAD II - technology that allows integrating highly sensitive CCDs in smallest packages. Sony introduced a CCD-sensor with a 3,1μm ... » Read more
  • 7. October 2014
    The SVCam Camera Finder
    Everyone searches differently and want quick access to the desired information or products. In our "SVCam Camera Finder" you can find ... » Read more
  • 31. October 2012
    EVO "Sneak Preview" – Let us introduce you to
    The most recent members of our successful EVO camera line: evo12040: 12 megapixel Truesense CMOS sensor with 4,7 µm pixel and an optical format of 4/3". evo4070: 4 megapixel Truesense CCD, with 7,4 µm pixel. For applications requiring very high dynamic range accuracy.
  • 31. October 2012
    The »ECO²« – More choice, more performance
    Our very popular SVCam-ECO series has been expanded with the new ECO² models. The ECO² is a 2-tap sensor platform now supporting high quality CCD sensors from Truesense (prev. Kodak) und the newest generation of Sony sensors with excellent NIR characteristics. This makes the ECO series the most complete industrial camera series in the market. With resolutions from VGA to 9 megapixel, single- and dual-tap sensors, frame rates up to 150Hz, IP-67, PoE and built-in flash controller, all in a very compact housing, the ECO series ensures you the right choice for a huge variety of application areas.
  • 31. October 2012
    The »EVO Tracer« – Industrial micro four thirds
    The first industrial-quality machine vision camera with the universal micro four thirds lens mount allowing total control of zoom, focus and iris over the GigE Vision interface. Come and see how this camera can provide your robot programmers with the flexibility they need to capture images at different distances by refocusing and reframing between captures.
  • 24. April 2019
    Lenses for large sensors
    The FF series from our partner Moritex is specially designed for large sensors and large pixels, offering an excellent image. » Read more
  • 26. March 2019
    Machine Vision lenses with flexible magnifications
    Machine Vision lenses with flexible magnifications » Read more
  • 10. October 2018
    Zeiss Dimension lenses the perfect match for SVS-Vistek cameras
    With its new Dimension lenses, Zeiss is targeting sophisticated machine vision applications that use cameras fitted with a C mount adapter. When ... » Read more
  • 1. August 2018
    MORITEX’ new telecentric lenses
    Moritex’ presents new high-quality telecentric lenses that are especially ideal for use in high-resolution inspection applications. » Read more
  • 9. May 2017
    Open eVision with Release 2.0
    Version 2.0 of Euresys’ machine vision library Open eVision has been released, boasting hardware support, a new EasyOCR2 module and a simplified ... » Read more
  • 25. April 2016
    CoaXPress total: the new Euresys frame grabbers
    Euresys promises a substantial improvement in data transfer performance in its latest-generation Coaxlink frame grabbers. You can see for yourself ... » Read more
  • 29. March 2016
    A perfect partnership: the new bi-telecentric lenses from Moritex
    Bi-telecentric lenses are a key component in high-precision measuring systems based on industrial machine vision. With its new range, our partner ... » Read more
  • 30. September 2014
    New high resolution 1 "- and 3.4" lenses for the SVS-VISTEK cameras
    New high resolution 1 "- and 3.4" lenses for the SVS-VISTEK cameras with 6, 9 and 12 MP (eg Sony IMX815) finally close a gap in the ... » Read more
  • 28. July 2014
    New – line-scan-cameras at SVS-VISTEK
    With NEopt we succeeded to bring a well-known manufacturer of line-scan-cameras on the European Market. » Read more
  • 3. September 2019
    SVS-Vistek at EMVA Forum
    New technologies, trends and upcoming standards are the core topics of EMVA. As in previous years, SVS-Vistek will be present with innovations and ... » Read more
  • 14. June 2017
    Euresys Frame grabber supports laser triangulation
    Calculating height profiles from image data places a heavy load on the CPU of a machine vision system. Point clouds must be extracted from the ... » Read more
  • 9. May 2017
    SurfShaper demonstrating efficient machine vision setup with 4IO
    SurfShaper is a quality assurance application for generating photometric curvature and texture images. The Vision Online demo application can be ... » Read more
  • 13. March 2017
    New Dual GigE driver doubles data rate on Windows 10
    Intel releases a new Dual GigE driver for selected network cards » Read more
  • 20. August 2022
    Mikrotron under the umbrella of SVS-Vistek
    SVS-Vistek GmbH is acquiring 100% of the shares in Mikrotron GmbH with retroactive effect from January 1, 2022. The two camera manufacturers ... » Read more
  • 23. March 2020
    COVID-19 Statement
    Dear valued partners and customers, During this difficult time, I want to send our best wishes for your health and safety and that of your ... » Read more
  • 24. July 2017
    SVS-Vistek GmbH celebrating its 30th anniversary
    The Seefeld, Germany-based specialist in high-quality industrial cameras is celebrating its anniversary together with its staff in Salzburger Land. » Read more
  • 10. March 2017
    A cup of coffee with Heidrun Bohris
    Ten questions for Heidrun Bohris, a firmware specialist, who has been supporting our development department with her technical expertise since 2010. » Read more
  • 9. June 2016
    A cup of coffee with Stefan Waizmann
    Ten questions for Stefan Waizmann, who since early April has been making his technical expertise available to our marketing department. Whether it ... » Read more
  • 4. April 2016
    Showtime for SVS-Vistek at VISION China in Shanghai and Intertraffic in Amsterdam.
    On March 15 - 17, 2016, the industrial machine vision industry met again in Shanghai. VISION China opened its doors during the Laser World of ... » Read more
  • 29. March 2016
    A cup of coffee with Johannes Zurin
    Ten questions for Johannes Zurin over a cup of coffee. Aged 29, he has been with SVS-Vistek since March 2014 as a sales manager for EMEA excluding ... » Read more
  • 23. December 2015
    A smile is worth more than a thousand gifts
    Christmas is a time of joy and giving. At this time of the year in particular, the team at SVS-VISTEK want to share some joy and love with people ... » Read more
  • 26. March 2014
    Watch latest Video Presentations
    Building cameras, that are not meant to be used in Film, doesn't mean SVCam Series couldn't look pretty on Video! » Read more
  • 3. March 2014
    Daredevil pilots measured the Mount Everest region
    Premiere. A team of German pilots of the Mountain Wave Project (MWP) and Scientists from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) succeeded, they flew ... » Read more
  • 3. February 2014
    SVS-VISTEK opens Office in Japan
    On 1st of January 2014 SVS-VISTEK (Seefeld, Germany), opened an office in Yokohama, Japan. The new SVS-VISTEK K.K. Japan office will support ... » Read more
    13. June 2018
    Visit SVS-Vistek at the automatica 2018!
    SVS-Vistek is shows latest industrial cameras and products in machine vision » Read more
  • 24. April 2017
    SVS-Vistek at the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference & Exhibition on April 27, 2017 in UK
    Visit our experts at booth 28 at the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference & Exhibition to find out more about super high-resolution image sensors for ... » Read more
  • 13. December 2016
    New sales partners for the UK and Italy
    New sales partners for the UK and Italy! SVS-Vistek expanding its European distribution network. It has been able to gain two technologically ... » Read more
  • 9. May 2016
    Production of image sensors disrupted by earthquake in Kumamoto
    Following two earthquakes in the Kumamoto region on April 14 and 16, 2016, the production of semiconductors at several plants in the “Silicon ... » Read more
  • 27. July 2014
    Acquistion of Truesense Imaging by ON Semiconductor
    Now it is ON Semiconductor formerly known as TRUESENSE formerly known as KODAK. » Read more
  • 3. March 2014
    Encyclopaedia of German Mechanical Engineering
    One of the world's most important industries in terms of being a driver of innovation, job engine and representative of Made in Germany: you will ... » Read more