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10 GigE Vision

14 December 2018 – SVCam Products
10 GigE Vision

The message was clear: 10GigE Vision is the standard to come.

Clear advantages

Speed was a main topic at our stand. Customers at our Vision 2018 booth were quite happy to our first 10 GigE camera live. 10GigE is 10 times faster than the well established GigE Vision standard, but keeps most of the advantages that made GigE Vision so successful. Higher speed is creating resources when it comes to image processing.

Fast models available

In its new HR-series housing, SVS-Vistek displayed the hr25 with 10 GigE Vision interface. Its approx. 42 fps match the 10 GigE interface's maximum framerate. The interface is compatible with 2.5 and 5 GigE and adapts automatically, benefitting power consumption with automatic adaption. The new housing has even more advantages and covers resolutions from 16 MP to 122 MP.

New HR models will follow in Q1 and Q2 this year, based on the Sony IMX342 and IMX387 sensors as well as the onSemi 43MP sensor.

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