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20 megapixel USB 3.1 camera goes into series production

6 February 2018 – SVCam Products
20 megapixel USB 3.1 camera goes into series production

SVS-Vistek announced today the series production of the 20-megapixel exo183 machine vision camera as USB 3.1 version.
Demand for a camera with this kind of high resolution and USB connectivity is particularly coming from the apparatus construction industry.

Outstanding Sony sensor

The EXO industrial camera series has been designed as a multi-functional machine vision camera. With this regard, great attention has been paid to achieving excellent imaging performance. The IMX183CLK rolling shutter CMOS sensor provides an outstanding dynamic range of 71.5 dB. Homogeneity and low noise levels achieved by the camera are exemplary.

Strobe controller already integrated

As a multifunctional camera, the exo183 has a precision-milled, massive body with many mounting options. Even heavy lenses can be fitted securely to the c-mount.

The exo183 comes with an integrated 4-channel light controller, supplying a max current of 3 amperes to any LED lighting system connected to the camera. The integration of the light controller into the camera simplifies the setup of machine vision applications significantly and results in a nice and lean application design.

Wide range of applications

The exo183 features first-class image quality, a powerful feature set, lighting control and a precision metal body in solid industrial quality.

With its high resolution of 5,496 x 3,672 pixel, the camera is the ideal choice for the apparatus engineering industry, which has previously often had to make do with larger cameras with more complex interfaces. Demand is also coming from robotics, medical technology and quality assurance.

However, a high-quality optical system is necessary to achieve optimum image quality. The pixel pitch of 2.4 μm requires a lens with a very good definition. Standard solutions covering all focal lengths are already available and might be requested from SVS-Vistek.

The exo183xU3 is available now.

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