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4 I/O, MFT and more

13 December 2018 – SVCam Products

On the Vision show 2018 we showed an exo304MGETR Tracer camera and displayed the advantages of the integrated 4 I/O interface and the integrated strobe controller. The demo was always surrounded from visitors.

The camera controls the light

The demo-propeller's image was very stable thanks to precise hardware timing inside the camera via 4 I/O interface. We showed the application with a propeller synced by a proximity sensor as the only external part. Syncing and lighting was only done by the camera (and the light, naturally) and nothing else.

Simple idea

The idea is: If you have a camera, some integrated light control comes in quite handy, you'll need the light anyway. All of our camera models have this feature with at least two channels – and visitors were quite happy about this technical simplification and the economical aspect.

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