For many years now, SVS-VISTEK has relied on technology from Rochester, New York.   At the end of 2011, the Kodak Image Sensor Solutions business was acquired in whole by Platinum Equity and renamed Truesense Imaging, Inc. Machine vision businesses will once again have a new name with which to be accustomed.  “The long lasting and productive relationship will remain unchanged,” said a spokesman of SVS-VISTEK.  ON Semiconductor will continue to expand its innovative collaboration with SVS-VISTEK.

To confirm this, SVS-VISTEK announced the integration of the xx50 Sensor family into their new EXO-Series.  The performance of these chips has already been proven in our ECO2, EVO and HR cameras over the past few years.  “We are pleased that ON Semiconductor continues to work on CCD technology.  The range of possibilities is yet to be discovered.”

Additionally, sensor development based on CMOS technology, such as the KAC-6040, will be pursued and expanded from both sides.  It didn’t surprise us that ON Semiconductor was interested in acquiring Truesense Imaging.  The technical characteristics achieved in Rochester on CMOS technology impressed us all.  It was only a matter of time before the competition took notice.

On Semiconductor, which in 1999 emerged from Motorola as a spin-off of the semiconductor division, has increased their efforts to grow in the optical sensors field.  In addition to Truesense Imaging, ON Semiconductor acquired Aptina, a California based CMOS-technology specialist known for their sensors built into Go-Pro cameras.    “Now the Americans have found a national company with a competitive price, in addition to Sony.  We are excited to see what innovations will come across the pond in the next few years.”

It will be interesting!  In Bavaria, there is no doubt as to the industrious intentions and the future possibilities of this large American corporation.

SVS-VISTEK, as a creator of solutions based on CCD and CMOS sensors, is pleased to add another noteworthy vendor alongside reliable Sony…ON Semiconductor!