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Dynamic lens control for industrial applications

4 May 2020 – SVCam Products
Dynamic lens control for industrial applications
© Roland Maier

SVCam cameras are key components in many complex vision systems from the areas of traffic telematics, quality assurance, e.g. Flat screens, the automotive industry, optical metrology and many other areas. Here they convince with their first-class image quality, reliability and durability.

We always strive to provide our customers with new and innovative products. We are pleased to be able to provide a specially developed SVS-EF-adapter for our industrial cameras. With lenses of the Canon EF and EF-S series, this allows electrical control of the focus and aperture, which can be conveniently set using the software.

In the future, image processing systems will have to be able to adapt faster and more flexibly to frequently changing tasks. Image processing systems therefore meet one of the basic requirements for the Industry 4.0 concept. New concepts are required here that can be solved elegantly and cost-effectively with a lens that can be dynamically controlled via the camera. Measuring systems can be set to changing optimal sharpness levels by simply loading suitable parameters without having to intervene manually. The depth of field can be adjusted via the aperture if necessary.

Embedding the lens control in the GenICam Tree of the camera allows GenICam applications to control the lens without additional drivers. This means that rapid integration into existing platforms can be implemented easily and in a time-efficient manner.

First-class recordings with the latest sensors

The Canon EF adapter will be available in three different versions to ensure compatibility with our M58, M42 and in the future also C-mount. All SVS-Vistek cameras offer the requirements for this. This allows most of our cameras with Canon optics to be used, so that there is an optimal combination of camera and optics for a wide range of applications. Sensor sizes up to full format and up to including 120 MP are supported.

Canon optics for excellent results

Canon has been developing and producing optics for over 60 years, and has now sold more than 140 million of them. High standards have been set repeatedly in this success story. For example, Canon was the first manufacturer to use aspherical lenses to avoid spherical aberrations in the lenses.

Even today, Canon convinces with optimized in-house lens coatings and constantly improved optical designs. These are very well suited for the latest generation of CMOS sensors that we use. So you get very sharp and high-contrast images with our industrial cameras.

In addition, the latest technologies for electrical focusing are used. Accurate, noiseless, stable and very fast focus settings are realized in high quality lenses with the help of ultrasonic motors. Start and Stop react quickly and the focusing uses minimal electricity. The associated optics can easily be recognized by the USM extension.

Comprehensive range of products

With the extensive Canon range, we can ensure that your requirements for resolution, object size and working distance are met as accurately as possible. Macro optics are available for close-ups. Tele optics also enable small objects to be taken at long working distances and in addition to Wide-angle optics, the standard focal lengths common in industrial applications are also available.

We recommend using prime lenses if possible. These lenses are equipped with fewer lenses and often provide a sharper, better image compared to zoom lenses. In the following we would like to present a selection of optics that we recommend. Telescopes with focal lengths above f200mm are also available, but are not listed below.

Use our service!

Our specialists will be happy to help you find the optimal combination of camera and optics for your application. Please use our contact form, we look forward to your message!

copyright title image: © Roland Maier
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