One of the world's most important industries in terms of being a driver of innovation, job engine and representative of Made in Germany: you will find over 800 mechanical engineering companies brought together in words and images.
The Encyclopaedia of German Mechanical Engineering, edited by Hannes Hesse, Florian Langenscheidt and Hartmut Rauen.

"The mechanical engineering industry is, metaphorically speaking, the trunk of the German economy. [„.] The latest findings are absorbed - from new materials to sensor technology, microelectronics and information and communication technologies. The industry incorporates this knowledge into intelligent products and processes. Thus, the mechanical engineering lndustry is the key growth driver for many branches of the German economy. [ ... ] Technology for People is the motto and driving force. Solutions for the major challenges of our time - energy, environment and mobillty - are the fruits of aspiration."
From the foreword of Dr. Reinhold Festge
President of the VDMA

The Editors
Dr. Hannes Hesse, Managing & Executive Director of the VDMA
Dr. Florian Langenscheidt, plublisher
Hartmut Rauen,  Member of the VDMA Executive Board