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exo250 with polarized sensor goes into series production

16 December 2018 – SVCam Products
exo250 with polarized sensor goes into series production
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The new polarized sensors from Sony are simplifying some very common machine vision tasks. As one of the first manufacturers of cameras, SVS-Vistek is already delivering this kind of technology as a series production model.

New technology

The new sensor delivers the possibility to measure all directions and grades of polarization in a single shot. This image processing on these new optical paameters creates results with an impressive reliability rate. With this new technology, the image processing effort is reduced significantly, with better results. This kind of technology might get very important for integrators tackling difficult problems like surface control, transparent materials (water, plastics, glass) or other hard to solve problems like black writings on black tyres.

> Technical fundamentals

First models

First models with this polarized sensor technology are equipped with the Sony IMX250MZR and deliver 5 megapixel resolution. More resolutions will follow. The new camera is available wit GigE Vision interface and 23 fps or USB3 with 72 fps. The new camera is ready to ship in quantities.

> All polarized models

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