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Final spurt for SVS-Vistek

21 November 2016 – SVCam Products
Final spurt for SVS-Vistek
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Held every two years in Stuttgart, VISION is a major trade show event in the machine vision industry and proved to be an exhibition of superlatives once again in 2016: Over 10,000 visitors from 58 countries visited the stands of the 441 participating companies, where they were able to find out about the latest trends and innovations. SVS-Vistek presented a number of technical highlights again this year, setting itself apart from the mass of exhibitors with its high-quality products.

Many highlights at the SVS-VIstek fair stand

Live product demonstrations of the HR25 (80 fps / 25 megapixels) and the SHR47 (47 megapixels) met with particular interest. A KUKA industrial robot fitted with an EXO camera (12MP Sony IMX sensor) also attracted crowds to the SVS-Vistek fair stand. The industrial camera controlled the focus and zoom functions of the optical system and featured flash lighting without any additional controller, thus demonstrating a full-scale imaging solution for a robot with minimum equipment and cabling requirements. In addition, downstream image processing based on a GenICam controlling system was demonstrated, showing how easily and simply such an application complete with flash and lens control can be implemented using SVS-Vistek cameras.

“VISION 2016 was a complete success for us once again,” says CMO Andreas Schaarschmidt. “During the discussions at the fair stand, we were particularly praised for the long-term delivery obligations for our CCD cameras and our clear commitment to industrial robustness.”

Upcoming trade show: ITE Yokohama

Following VISION, SVS-Vistek’s trade show team immediately set off for Japan as the year drew to a close. The next date on the schedule is ITE Yokohama taking place on December 7 - 9. Following on from the exceedingly positive response at VISION, all eyes will be on the CMOS-based EXO models with Sony IMX sensors and the HR and SHR47 series with a resolution of up to 47 megapixels once again in Yokohama.

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