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FXO series with technical highlights

20 May 2021 – SVCam Products
FXO series with technical highlights
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The FXO series stands for high performance among C-mount cameras. Equipped with various technical highlights, it offers uncompromising image quality as well as state-of-the-art high-speed interface technology. The new fxo547 serves low resolutions with highest frame rates. It supports cutting edge technologies such as PIV, PTP and 4I/O.

fxo547 with 5MP and 10GigE or CoaXPress-12

SVS-Vistek‘s new fxo547 with 5 megapixel resolution and the outstanding Sony Pregius S sensor is available as 10GigE (fxo547XGE) or as CoaXPress-12 version (fxo547CX). Both versions take full advantage of the sensor's maximum frame rate of 124 fps. The 10GigE interface is designed with a large frame buffer, burst mode and packet resend function for highest demands and data rates.

Small pixels, great image quality

The Sony Pregius S sensors of the 4th generation actually combine opposing paradigms: Small pixels (2.74 µm) in back-illuminated technology with global shutter, high light sensitivity and best homogeneity with low noise. In addition, with their outstanding quantum efficiency, they are currently the reference when it comes to image quality in the field of C-mount cameras. 

Industrial highlights: PIV, PTP, 4 I/O

The FXO series shines with outstanding hardware equipment, an excellent thermal design and state-of-the-art interfaces. But there are also industrial features hidden in the firmware that can be very useful during operation.

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), known from the CCD world, is suitable e.g. for flow analysis and is often not possible with CMOS cameras. With the new Sony Pregius S sensor, the FXO series already supports PIV with interframe times of up to 2 µs as a standard industrial camera.

Multi-camera systems in particular benefit from FXO's Precision Time Protocol (PTP). All cameras in a PTP network sign the images with a synchronized time stamp and can therefore be assigned precisely. The FXO series also supports synchronous triggering of multiple cameras with PTP. On the FXO series, PTP is integrated into the GenICam tree to ensure the easiest possible operation. All FXO models support master and slave modes as well as timed action commands. Even older FXO cameras with GigE interface can use the feature after a firmware update.

The 4I/O Matrix is SVS-Vistek's proven I/O framework controlled via GenICam and integrated into the GenICam tree. With its 4 power-out channels, it allows direct control of LED strobe lights without an additional strobe controller. The PWM technology being used sets standards regarding the precision of flashed illuminations.

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