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Lenses for large sensors

24 April 2019 – Components
Lenses for large sensors

If you use cameras with large sensors and high resolutions, you have to make sure that these high resolutions are also transported with the lens when selecting the lens. The FF series from MORITEX is designed for these high resolutions.

Big sensors large pixel

Large pixels offer clear advantages in terms of image quality. If you want to enjoy these advantages of large pixels even at high resolutions, the resulting sensor sizes also require lenses with a large image circle. The new FF series from Moritex is ideal for this:

  • Large image circle from 35 mm – 82 mm
  • Focal lengths from 28 mm – 100 mm
  • Suitable for sensors with 5 µm pixel size
  • 130 LP/mm Resolution
  • Suitable for line scan cameras
  • Many adapters for different mounts
  • Magnifications adjustable via intermediate rings

Visible and invisible

As a special feature especially for multispectral applications the FF series also offers different coatings for the NIR and VIS range.

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