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New hr51 with GMAX4651 and a new type of CMOS image optimization

20 February 2021 – SVCam Products
New hr51 with GMAX4651 and a new type of CMOS image optimization
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Gpixel's GMAX4651 is a new top quality global shutter image sensor with 4:3 aspect ratio and 51 megapixel resolution. SVS-Vistek has developed a new image optimization for this sensor, which is a unique selling point of the hr51 and permits use with an extended variety of lenses.

Stitched sensor with optimization process

The GMAX4651 sensor from Gpixel is stitched and assembled of two central and two laterally adjoining, narrower, strip-shaped sensor surfaces. The manufacturing process of CMOS sensors usually results in gradients of sensitivity per sensor area, which are corrected by the camera. In stitched sensors, different sections with their respective characteristics and gradients adjoin one another at the edges. The effect is similar to the taps of CCD sensors.

SVS-Vistek realizes a new type of image optimization with this CMOS sensor, which also takes into account the different sensor-side ray paths of entocentric and telecentric lenses, as the effects on CCD and CMOS sensors differ significantly. The normal corrections such as FPN (fixed pattern noise) or bad pixel, SVS-Vistek-typical with dynamic thresholds, are additionally part of this image optimization. The result is an image with excellent homogeneity.

Inexpensive sensor with perfect aspect ratio

Image sensors in 4:3 format were used very often in the past. The classic in this format, the KAI29050 from ON Semiconductor, is no longer available since one year. Integrators are therefore looking for an economical replacement for existing and new applications. With the hr51, old applications with KAI29050 sensors can be upgraded simply by exchanging the camera. The almost identical format of the sensor and the similar pixel size even make it possible to continue using the existing lens in most cases.

The hr51 from SVS-Vistek provides an image quality comparable to the KAI sensor. In addition, it offers almost twice the resolution with almost four times the speed at a significantly more attractive price.

The hr51 is available with a CoaXPress interface and as 10GigE version in monochrome and color. Like all SVCams, it has a 4-channel strobe controller integrated in the GenICam tree and, thanks to the use of the GenTL standard, is suitable for easy combination with all established software packages on the market.

copyright title image: © SVS-Vistek GmbH
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