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New additions to the EXO family

15 March 2018 – SVCam Products
New additions to the EXO family

The EXO family is constantly being enhanced. Here you can find outstanding industrial cameras with the latest sensors and powerful features.

exo273 with Sony Exmor sensor

The new exo273xGE is equipped with an IMX273 sensor from Sony’s Pregius 2 series and boasts first-class image quality. With a pixel size of 3.45μm x 3.45μm and resolution of 1.5MP, the camera offers a similar image size as ICX445-based cameras but with a substantially better dynamic range and noise.

As with all EXO series cameras with a C-mount, a 4-channel strobe controller is already integrated in the camera. This permits lean applications for integration.
The exo273xGE feels at home in operating temperatures of up to 60°C.At a permanent frame rate, it uses a GigE line with 77 fps, in BURST mode it is substantially faster.

20 MP resolution with full lens control

The new exo183xGETR Tracer is a high-resolution industrial camera with controllable lenses, offering a resolution of 20 megapixels. It supports high-quality MFT lenses from different manufacturers and achieves up to 16 fps in BURST mode. It is already available in a standard version with C-Mount and other interfaces.

The Tracer models support focus, zoom and aperture control. All camera and lens features are controlled via the GenICam tree. This permits all third-party GenICam-based software such as HALCON, MERLIC, MIL or VisionPro to control the lens without any additional drivers.

With its high resolution and controllable lenses, it is ideal for monitoring tasks and traffic technology.

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