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New EXO Cameras with Camera Link and Sony IMX sensores

19 December 2016 – SVCam Products
New EXO Cameras with Camera Link and Sony IMX sensores
© SVS-Vistek GmbH

With the new IMX Pregius 2 sensors, Sony raised CMOS image quality to a new level. SVS-Vistek is implementing its ‚X interfaces‘ strategy and is presenting new EXO cameras with Sony IMX sensors and Camera Link. Thus the full range of Sony IMX Sensors from 2.3 up to 12 Megapixel is available with all 3 major interfaces: Camera Link, USB3 and GigEVision.

The new cameras are operating in Camera Link base mode. Combined with some framegrabbers (here tested with Euresys) the new „x3“ tap configuration is providing a speed boost of more than 50%. A Camera Link box with IMX174 then will run with about 100 fps like this, an EXO267MCL camera with IMX267 is boasting 28 fps.

These new cameras apply perfectly for an upgrade of existing machine vision systems as well for new designs where the benefits of Camera Link can be used.

The EXO ist the new platform from SVS-Vistek for C-mount cameras. It comes with a complete set of high end software features designed for industrial machine vision. The precisely machined unibody housing shows extremely low mechanical distortion even with heavy optics attached. Additionally it is providing excellent temperature performance to the camera.

copyright title image: © SVS-Vistek GmbH
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