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Sony Gen. 4 sensors in new EXO cameras

13 July 2020 – SVCam Products
Sony Gen. 4 sensors in new EXO cameras
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The 4th generation of the new Sony Pregius sensors offers excellent image quality with global shutter, high resolution with a small pixel and an exceptional speed. SVS-Vistek is one of the first camera manufacturers to offer the new sensors in a series camera with a C-mount. The models exo540 and exo541 with the resolutions 24.5 or 20.3 megapixels are now available as series models with GigE Vision or USB3 interface.

Cheaper lenses, better sensitivity

The new pixel with a size of 2.74 µm x 2.74 µm is very light sensitive due to the "Illuminated Backlight" technology from Sony and impresses with significantly improved Quantum Efficiency. Together with the high pixel density, this enables high resolutions in a compact design with smaller, cheaper lenses.

Excellent picture quality

The milled unibody of the EXO series contributes to the sophisticated concept of temperature management. The cameras can thus reproduce the excellent image quality and homogeneity of the Sony Pregius Generation 4 sensor with approx. 70 dB dynamic range and are specified up to an operating temperature of 65°C.

Industrial soft skills

All cameras in the EXO series have a very industrial-oriented feature set, with adjustable ROI, look-up tables, offset and binning. An extremely precise sequencer and logic functions round off the camera's soft skills.

Industrial hardware

On the hardware side, the EXO shines with a direct and galvanically isolated input and a 4-channel power output with max 3A. It is suitable for LED flash light, with the camera also taking over the function of the strobe controller. All functions are controlled via GenICam and can also be controlled via the GenTL driver of the camera.

If the speed of the USB3 interface is not sufficient or if GigE is too slow despite burst mode, you can also operate the sensor in the new FXO series with CoaXPress-12 or 10GigE without brakes.

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