New high resolution 1 "- and 3.4" lenses for the SVS-VISTEK cameras with 6, 9 and 12 MP (eg Sony IMX815) finally close a gap in the offer. This is due in our partner Myutron (or μ-TRON). The Japanese manufacturer has a number of telecentric and variable lenses for the large sensors with small pixels on the market. Please check out these new items 2014/2015!


Page 6/10: ultra-high resolution lenses can be ordered with V42 and V58 option for direct mounting on our EVO and HR cameras.

Page 11: Telecentric lenses with magnification 0.3 and 0.78 for EVO12040 12MP camera

Page 19: Telecentric lenses with magnification 0.275 and 0.37 for ECO815, ECO695 with 9 and 6 MP

Page 25: The telecentric lens with magnification 0,275 for ECO655 with 5MP

Page 47/48: high-resolution 1 "lens series with focal lengths 6/8/12/16/25/35/50/75 mm

All products in the new catalog, please contact SVS-VISTEK.

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