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Maintenance Release SVCapture 1.5.8

24 April 2019 – SVCam Products
Maintenance Release SVCapture 1.5.8

The maintenance update of the SVCapture 1 driver offers new options for unattended installation and uninstallation. It is recommended to update existing integrations with this latest version. You can download the latest version in our support area.

New integrations with version 2.5

For new projects we recommend our current software 2.5.3, also available for free download in the download area.

The innovative software offers support for the interface types USB3, GigE Vision and Camera Link. The technical foundation is the modern GenTL architecture. A viewer with zoom function shows the camera image live. All settings are made directly in the graphically prepared GenICam tree and can be saved as a preset in the camera or as a file.

The GenTL architecture is compatible with the major software packages of Machine Vision (e.g. HALCON, MERLIN, Open eVision, COGNEX, CVB, National Instruments, Datalogic, EVT, Pleora, Norpix, OpenCV, nVision) and can be used as a plug-in. So far USB3, Camera Link and GigE Vision are supported as interfaces. Further interface support is under development.

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