Version 2.0 of Euresys’ machine vision library Open eVision has been released, boasting hardware support, a new EasyOCR2 module and a simplified licensing model.

New OCR2 module
The new OCR2 module has been optimized for industrial applications and features the following highlights:

  • Optimized for short texts such as serial numbers, expiry dates and part numbers
  • Innovative and swift segmentation algorithm for searching for text within an image
  • Reads damaged letters and texts under poor light conditions
  • Learns from TrueType fonts


New licensing model
Open eVision Studio is now available for downloading free of charge. With its graphic user interface, the prototyping software allows imaging algorithms to be produced intuitively and generates code for C++, C# and VisualBasic ActiveX from the image filters used. The SDK is composed of different modules that can be acquired individually or in packages. The EasyImage module now comes standard with all bundles.

Free evaluation
We can offer you a free 30-day license for the SDK for evaluation purposes. Talk to us to find out more!