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Small volume top performance: The FXO with nBase-T and 10GigE

4 November 2020 – SVCam Products
Small volume top performance: The FXO with nBase-T and 10GigE
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In the new FXO camera series, SVS-Vistek relies on the new Pregius S sensors from Sony, the powerful nBase-T and 10GigE interface. This very small 10GigE camera with C-mount is characterized by speed and an extraordinary image quality.

Best image quality with small pixels

The new sensors deliver excellent image quality with a dynamic range of approximately 70 dB. Even with insufficient object lighting, when the camera is operated with a gain > 0, the images of the FXO series images show excellent homogeneity and exceptional quality. The basis for this is, on the one hand, the integrated Pregius S sensor with relatively small pixels of 2,74 x 2,74 µm and, on the other hand, a sophisticated heating concept. The heat distribution in a camera plays a decisive role in image homogeneity. This applies even more to cameras with a 10GigE high-speed interface, that generate additional heat in operation, like the FXO. For operating the image sensor in perfect conditions, SVS-Vistek implemented a a complex thermal design with dust-free cooling.

10GigE and nBase-T stable and economical

With 10GigE, SVS-Vistek relies on one of the most modern image processing interfaces currently available for data transmission. A stable Ethernet connection with 1GigE, nBase-T or full 10GigE bandwidth is ensured by an intelligent frame buffer concept. The Power over Ethernet module (PoE) allows FXO cameras to be operated with a single supply line, which in addition to 10GigE data transmission also provides power.

Control via GenICam GenTL

The standardized GenTL interface via Ethernet offers a high degree of flexibility in the choice of software for image evaluation. The multi-channel strobe controller integrated in the camera and the precise I/O module with the sequencer are also addressed via GenTL in order to enable flexible software selection at this point as well. The 10GigE interface does not require a frame grabber and is therefore a very economical interface. For applications in which even more power is required, SVS-Vistek also offers the FXO models with the CoaXPress-12 interface.

Smallest construction with nBase-T, 10GigE and PoE

The new FXO camera series includes models with resolutions from 16.1 to 24.5 megapixels and frame rates from 30.1 to 45 frames per second. With only 50 x 50 mm, the FXO cameras have the smallest dimensions on the market and are therefore particularly easy to integrate into applications. The many mounting holes on the solid housing are typical for cameras from SVS-Vistek and simplify mechanical integration.

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