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Technology Package FXO

15 September 2020 – SVCam Products
Technology Package FXO
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The FXO is the new camera series from SVS-Vistek. The first models of the FXO are equipped with the Sony Pregius sensors IMX540, IMX541, IMX542 of the 4th generation. Despite a small pixel of 2.74 µm, these new image sensors are very light-sensitive thanks to the new "backside illuminated" technology. With an excellent dynamic range of approximately 70 dB, they show outstanding homogeneity. In addition, thanks to the new design, they have an extended acceptance angle and thus reduce sensor-based shading effects, especially with short lense focal lengths. In addition, the small sensor size allows smaller, more cost-effective lenses (see pregius-s-sensors) and thus makes image acquisition more economical.

Latest interface technology

The FXO series offers CoaXPress-12 or 10GigE as an interface. Both interfaces allow the maximum frame rates of the sensors. 10GigE is relatively inexpensive as an interface, CoaXPress shines with its deterministic timing, high upload rates and with a jitter-free software shutter.

The SNFC-compliant traffic shaper allows 10GigE to limit the interface bandwidth for use with 10GigE switches.

Outstanding Feature set

Of course, the FXO series has the flexible I/O concept from SVS-Vistek with a built-in strobe controller. The FXO comes with a powerful feature set, for example with ROI and binning. A separate readout for sensor and camera has also been added. Since the 4th generation of Pregius sensors support 8- and 12-bit readout, the camera supports the internal 12-bit sensor readout with 12-bit camera processing (e.g. lookup tables, shading control) and optionally 12 or 8 Bit images as a result. Reading out the sensor with 8-bit is also supported.

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