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The EXO304 Tracer - Machine vision is becoming dynamic

21 March 2017 – SVCam Products
The EXO304 Tracer - Machine vision is becoming dynamic
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Machine vision is being used for an ever larger number of different purposes. As a result, growing demands are being made of industrial cameras. Variable lens systems widen the range of possible applications. The successful EVO Tracer has made many applications possible through the innovative integration of MFT lens systems. The new EXO304TR Tracer is the logical continuation of this idea.

Outstanding fundamentals
The Sony IMX sensor with its exemplary heat design provides the underpinnings for the EXO range. The high-quality machined body design of the EXO has been retained and expanded with the addition of the MFT bayonet mount. Fitted with the Sony IMX304 sensor, the EXO304TR delivers a high resolution of 12MP with a dynamic range of 72 DB, thus ensuring excellent image quality. The camera is designed for applications requiring uncompromising image quality together with the flexibility of controlled lenses.

Diverse lenses available thanks to the Micro Four Thirds standard

The camera features an MFT (Micro Four Thirds) bayonet, which means that it can be used with a wide variety of high-quality lenses. MFT lenses provide high-quality optics and are very competitively priced. They are ideally suited for the sensor size of 1.1” in terms of the optical beam path, thus guaranteeing a perfect image with this sensor. The camera supplies the lens with power and controls all its functions such as the aperture, zoom and focus. This is done natively via by the camera via GenIcam Properties. With an average focusing time of under 30 ms, many of these lenses can be used for fast cycle times at a conveyor belt.

First-class image with a state-of-the-art sensor

The 1.1” Pregius 2 Sony IMX304 senor supplies up to 9 fps with a resolution of 12 MP (4096 x 3000 Pixel). Low noise and excellent quantum efficiency result in a outstanding dynamic range of 72 dB.


The EXO304TR delivers a wealth of proven features as standard, including SafeTrigger, burst mode, sequencer and logic processing. In particular, the integrated 4-channel strobe controller with high current output of up to 3 A will make life easy for many application engineers. It goes without saying that this is also controllable natively via the camera using GenIcam properties.

Effortless machine vision integration

With its highly efficient SDK and GigE Vision GenTL, the GigE Vision interface ensures simple link-ups with standard image processing systems. This means that standard image process systems such as Vision Pro, Visionbuilder, Merlic and nVision work out of the box with the variable lens system. Typical applications include, for example, traffic monitoring or package sorting in logistics systems handling packages of many different shapes and sizes. Adjustable lenses also offer many advantages for robot systems as the distance from the object is mostly not static. The extended temperature range with a maximum operating temperature of +60°C makes it ideal for difficult day-to-day industrial conditions. With this unique combination of excellent image quality, high resolution, variable lens systems and perfect machine vision integration, the EXO304TR Tracer is opening up entirely new uses for industrial machine vision, making many image processing applications simpler or even possible in the first place.

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