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The ICX834 completes the range of newest Sony CCD’s

7 October 2014 – SVCam Products

Exview HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) describes the higher efficiency of the pixel pitch. This technology is also found in our SVCam eco674 (3.8 MP), eco694 (6 MP) and eco814 (9 MP) models. Sony reduce the need for signal amplification by using gain, and allow faster shutter speeds for lower smear artefacts. In addition, these Sony sensors achieve a higher sensitivity in the near infrared range (NIR).

The SVCam ECO834 comes in a 38 x 38 x 45 mm case design with the usual comprehensive Feature Sets. The compatible GigE-Vision interface design makes the ECO the ideal choice for applications with flexible configurations and high standards of precision and sensitivity.

Be inspired by the the small EXO with Exview HAD II technology.

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