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The SVCam Camera Finder

7 October 2014 – SVCam Products
The SVCam Camera Finder

Time and again we update our site on the net. Integration of  new products, report on machine vision news and information’s about changes in the SVS-VISTEK GmbH.

Complete, transparent, open

In the course of these innovations, today we proudly present the new, seeker friendly "SVCam Camera Finder". Go there quickly via "Camera Search" in the navigation bar.

Everyone searches differently and want quick access to the desired information or products.

In our "SVCam Camera Finder" you can find a list of all our cameras. You can sort them by name, sensor, resolution and others. Or you can filter the list by criteria. As filtering criteria, we offer you: among other things: interfaces, color or monochrome, the sensor size, mounts and the required protection class.

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