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The Sony CCD situation, based the status as of 17th of April 2015:

24 April 2015 – SVCam Products

We are very exited by the impressive performance of the new IMX-series of CMOS image sensors from Sony, as well products from OnSemi and other manufacturers. It is anticipated that the new line of CMOS sensors will be extended to form a comprehensive product family. Our product strategy takes this into consideration and we aim to serve the market with solutions ranging from “standard” to “high-end”, supported by the commonly used interfaces USB3.0, GigE, Camera Link and CoaXPress.

In parallel to this, we have also witnessed an outstanding performance in the recently launched Sony ICX CCD sensors.
With next to no pixel processing, incredible imaging results are achievable.
Subsequently, our portfolio will be broadened. In the main stream “C-mount category”, our range of product offerings has never been wider. As a perfect complement, lens manufacturers are now also providing perfect and well-proven solutions for pixel pitches in the range 3 to 4 µm. 

As you can see, our organization has more than 255 shades of grey to offer - We will be pleased to discuss your coming activities that are foreseeable until 2026.


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