The FXO SWIR series with CoaXPress-12 has an excellent thermal design. It provides optimal heat dissipation with dust-free cooling and a superior homogeneous image with a high dynamic range. CoaXPress-12 is one of the fastest industrial machine vision interfaces and delivers maximum image sensor bandwidth in a thermally efficient implementation. GenICam 3.0 and GenTL allow easy integration with common software packages.

The excellent image is complemented by a comprehensive set of features. Signal voltages, I/O control and firmware features are targeted at applications in industrial automation.

  • Sony SenSWIR sensor with 400 - 1700 nm spectral
    sensitivity and high quantum efficiency
  • High efficiency CoaXPress-12
  • GenICam 3.0 and GenTL
  • Two-Point NUC (Non Uniformity Correction)
  • Electrical and optical inputs
  • Integrated 4-channel strobe controller
  • Programmable timer, sequencer and logic functions
  • Dust-free cooled housing
  • Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface
  • RS232 interface
  • モデル及び仕様
モデル [MP] 解像度 [ピクセル] センサー センサーサイズ 画像転送速度[fps] モノクロ/カラー マウント インターフェース 在庫状況
fxo990MCX 1.3 1280 x 1024 IMX990AABJ / Sony 8.2mm (Typ 1/2) 134 SWIR C CXP-12 1 Lane
詳細 +

Areas of application

The wavelength range of 400 - 1700 nm allows a wide range of applications. Many substances can be identified within this range on the basis of their typical absorption characteristics.

Typical application scenarios can be found, for example, in the solar and electronics industries (inspection of silicon), in the pharmaceutical sector (substance determination, detection of impurities) or in food production (fruit, rot, pressure marks). Even simple detection of water and/or water vapor is easily enabled by SWIR, as well as leakage (with oil/water discrimination). The Multichannel Strobe Controller especially supports substance detection with multiple narrow-band illuminations.


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