• 4 integrated LED controllers
  • integrated sequencer
  • Safe Trigger Technology
  • burst mode technology
  • programmable logic control
  • Micro Four Thirds

The EXO Tracer is an industrial camera with a fully functional lens control (focus, zoom, aperture). Lens mount is a Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount. The excellent thermal concept of the EXO qualifies for a operating temperature of up to 60°C.

The MFT beam geometry on the sensor side of the lens works in perfect harmony to the high sensitive Sony IMX sensors. A nearly perfect flatfield is the compelling result. Together with up to 72dB dynamic range and up to 20 MP resolution, the Tracer delivers excellent image quality.

Lens control and integrated strobe controller are integrated into the camera's GenICam 3.0 tree as properties. Any GenICam-driven software is immediately able to use lens control and strobe controller without additional drivers.

Technical Highlights:

Rich set of features

  • Full control of lens (focus, zoom, aperture)
  • Global shutter
  • Monochrome and color versions (Bayer Pattern)
  • Various trigger (int./ext./free running) and exposure modes
  • Logic-Trigger functions (PLC)
  • Adjustable gain, auto gain and auto- exposure
  • Various binning modes
  • Area of interest modes (AOI)
  • White balance for color versions
  • Micro Four Thirds lens adapter
  • 8/12 Bit video data stream (14 Bit ADC)
  • 256 MB burst mode frame store
  • 4 x Power Output (PWM)
  • Programmable sequencer für shutter and LED illumination
  • SDK for Windows (32/64 Bit) und Linux available
  • GenICam 3.0 standard compliant
  • Integrated multichannel strobe controller


EXO Series


Resolution [MP] 19.6 MP
Resolution (h x v) 4416 x 4428 px
Frame rate (max.) 19 fps
Chroma color
Interface USB3 Vision
Sensor IMX367LQA
Manufacturer Sony
Sensor type Area CMOS
Shutter type global shutter
Sensor size (h x v) 15.24 x 15.28 mm
Optical diagonal 21.58 mm
Sensor format 21.6mm (4/3)
Pixel size (h x v) 3.45 x 3.45 µm
Exposure time (min) 26 µs
Exposure time (max) 1 sec (external ∞)
Pixel format / max bayer8, bayer12packed / 12 bit
Gain modes / max manual, auto / 48 dB
Internal memory 256 MB SDRAM, 32 MB Flash
Feature Set
Manual white balance yes
Automatic white balance yes
AOI yes
LUT yes
Offset yes
Binning yes
Image flip yes
Shading correction yes
Defect pixel correction yes
Sequencer yes
Lens mount MFT
Dimensions (w x h x d) 58 x 58 x 53.7 mm
Weight 320 g
Operating temperature (housing) -10 to 65 °C
Ambient humidity  10 to 90 % (non-condensing)
Protection class IP40
Input up to 24V 2 x
Input OPTO 1 x
Output open drain 4 x
I/O RS-232 1 x
Power supply 10 to 25 V (DC)
Power consumption 8 W (dep. on operating mode)

Dimensions [mm]

all dimensions in mmall dimensions in mmall dimensions in mmall dimensions in mmall dimensions in mmall dimensions in mmall dimensions in mm

Pinout Mating Connector


Spectral Response *

Spectral Response

* Sensor data – excludes camera cover- or IR-cut filter characteristics

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