Latest technology combines visual and SWIR range

Our SWIR cameras are based on the SenSWIR technology from Sony. The new technology of the sensor produces an extremely homogeneous image in a wide wavelength range from 400 - 1700 nm. The small pixel result in small C-mount lenses, which make high-resolution inspection in the SWIR range attractively priced.
Our SWIR models particularly benefit from the excellent temperature management of the SVS-Vistek camera housings, as it is the basis for image quality and excellent homogeneity. The integrated multi-channel strobe controller is valuable for the identification of substances with narrow absorption lines.

Powerful features

  • High SWIR resolutions with small C-Mount
  • High dynamic range, excellent sensitivity
  • Binning, ROI, Offset, LUT
  • Shading correction and defect pixel correction
  • Auto and manual gain and exposure
  • Integrated 4-channel strobe controller
  • Electric and optical inputs TTL-24V
  • Programmable timers and sequencers with logic
  • SDK for Windows and Linux
  • GenTL driver, GenICam standard 3.0

Reliable industrial interfaces

SVS-Vistek currently offers SWIR cameras with a flexible GigE Vision interface or with fast CoaXPress-12 interface. All SWIR models are equipped with GenICam 3.0 and GenTL Layer. With GenICam compatible software packages such as Halcon, VisionPro, Common Vision Blox and Vision Builder AI, integration becomes as easy as with a standard industrial camera. All inputs and outputs cover TTL-24V.