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Open eVision 2.5 released

2018년 8월 1일 – SVCam Products
Open eVision 2.5 released

Open eVision is a reliable, powerful and flexible software suite from Euresys, dedicated to image processing and analysis. It contains an extensive set of image-processing libraries for developers, designed to be integrated into your C++, .NET or ActiveX applications. The mark inspection libraries include functions for optical character recognition (OCR), character printing inspection and 1D / 2D barcode reading.

The new release 2.5 contains improved EasyOCR2 and an EasyDeepLearning beta version.

Also included in the Open eVision libraries are:

- EasyBarCode
- EasyImage
- EasyImage
- EasyGauge
- EasyMatch
- EasyObject
- EasyColor
- EasyFind
- EasyOCR
- EasyBarCode
- EasyMatrixCode
- EasyQRCode
- EasyOCV
- EasyDeepLearning (Beta-Version)

The programming interface is free of charge* and can be downloaded on the Euresys website.

*You do not need to purchase a license for each concurrently used client computer until you execute the program. This guarantees the protection of your program code for third parties.

The new release 2.5 can be purchased in two license variations: 

  • Dongle: Dongle-based licenses offer the flexibility to be transferred from one PC to another. Licenses are delivered as activation codes, which are stored on the dongles.
  • Software: Software-based licenses do not require any dongle, they are linked to the PC on which they have been activated. These licenses are delivered as activation codes and can be managed online.


Further highlights:

  • SVS-Vistek offers an optimally harmonized combination of cameras and frame grabbers in cooperation with our partner Euresys – ensuring the best possible performance for your application.  
  • Open eVision‘s wide-ranging library can be integrated into SVS-Vistek’s Software Development Kit (SDK), among others.
  • The software from Euresys is equipped with a direct connection to SVS-Vistek’s GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras.
  • Hardware-independent libraries and compatible with any image source, including frame grabbers, GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras.
  • Compatible with Windows x86 processor architecture and a large variety of programming languages and development environments.  
  • 64-bit libraries for C++ und .NET und 32-bit libraries for C++, .NET or ActiveX development
  • Accurate: sub-pixel measurement and calibration 
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Robust, flexible and powerful


The Getting Started PDF offers an introduction. Ask your image processing experts from SVS-Vistek about the use of Open eVision.

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