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SHR CoaXPress


At Seven full frames of 47 high quality megapixels per second, the SHR with CXP broadens the horizon for quality control. CoaXpress is among the fastest interface standards commonly used in industrial machine vision, and therefore ideal for multi-tap sensors. The well-established I/O Concept, found in all SVS-VISTEK camera series, warrants seamless integration of the SHR CXP in existing system architectures.

CoaXPress specific features

  • Quad CoaXPress (4 x 6.25 Gbit/sec.)
  • 47 megapixel at 7 frames/sec.
  • Superb tap balancing
  • Cable length up to 200 m (depending on data rate)

Applications and Application Areas

Applications demanding speed, throughput and efficiency are the ideal match for the SHR with CoaXPress interface, delivering cost efficient quality. For the inspection of semiconductors, solar panels and flat panel displays, the full 7 frames/second of the SHR with CXP gives you the leading edge, paving your way to success.

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