8. November 2021  |  SVCam Products

Machine Vision with focusable lenses

EXO, FXO and HR series cameras now support focusable lenses from Canon. The new SVS-EF adapter thus simplifies flexible inspection solutions with all industrial vision cameras from SVS-Vistek.   > read more

25. August 2021  |  SVCam Products

Global Shutter with 127 Megapixel - shr661: the fat boy in machine vision

More resolution! More image quality! With high-resolution machine vision systems, the smallest object structures are classified in the highest quality. However, all sensors available on the market with resolutions with 100 megapixel and above only use a rolling shutter. The new shr661 CMOS camera from SVS-Vistek can confidently be called a milestone in machine vision, because it offers an enormous resolution of 127 megapixels and, despite this extremely high resolution, works with a global shutter. It thus enables new applications in numerous fields of use.   > read more

8. August 2021  |  SVCam Products

High resolution with global shutter

High resolution cameras are usually equipped with a rolling shutter, which is easier to manufacture but can cause problems, especially in applications with moving objects. The new industrial cameras hr49, hr51 and hr65 from SVS-Vistek offer an extremely wide range of applications with their combination of high resolution, global shutter and modern interfaces.   > read more

28. June 2021  |  SVCam Products

New camera models in the FXO series with 8 and 12 MP

The latest additions to the FXO camera series are called fxo545 and fxo546. The cameras are equipped with high-quality Sony Pregius S sensors and have resolutions of 8.1 (fxo546) and 12.3 megapixels (fxo545). They are connected via single-channel CoaXPress-12 interface or 10GigE interface.   > read more

20. May 2021  |  SVCam Products

FXO series with technical highlights

The FXO series stands for high performance among C-mount cameras. Equipped with various technical highlights, it offers uncompromising image quality as well as state-of-the-art high-speed interface technology. The new fxo547 serves low resolutions with highest frame rates. It supports cutting edge technologies such as PIV, PTP and 4I/O.   > read more

8. April 2021  |  SVCam Products

Precise to the microsecond with PTP

Especially for large inspection systems in industry, the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a very useful feature. It helps to keep many different cameras precisely synchronized. The new EXO models from SVS-Vistek have PTP integrated into the GenICam tree for easy operation.   > read more