20. May 2021  |  SVCam Products

FXO series with technical highlights

The FXO series stands for high performance among C-mount cameras. Equipped with various technical highlights, it offers uncompromising image quality as well as state-of-the-art high-speed interface technology. The new fxo547 serves low resolutions with highest frame rates. It supports cutting edge technologies such as PIV, PTP and 4I/O.   > read more

8. April 2021  |  SVCam Products

Precise to the microsecond with PTP

Especially for large inspection systems in industry, the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a very useful feature. It helps to keep many different cameras precisely synchronized. The new EXO models from SVS-Vistek have PTP integrated into the GenICam tree for easy operation.   > read more

23. February 2021  |  SVCam Products

65 megapixel and global shutter: the new hr65 with 10GigE

In machine vision, a global shutter is an extremely valuable asset in many applications, but most high-resolution cameras on the market work with rolling shutters. SVS-Vistek’s new hr65 now combines high resolution with excellent image quality and global shutter.   > read more

22. February 2021  |  SVCam Products

SVS-Vistek goes SWIR with fxo990 and exo990

SWIR applications have a reputation for being complicated and expensive. The new cameras exo990 and fxo990 from SVS-Vistek cover an extremely wide wavelength range from visible VIS to invisible SWIR range, are inexpensive and easy to use with the GenICam interface like standard industrial cameras. The possibility of covering VIS and NIR wavelengths with a single camera allows extremely compact applications.   > read more

20. February 2021  |  SVCam Products

New hr51 with GMAX4651 and a new type of CMOS image optimization

Gpixel's GMAX4651 is a new top quality global shutter image sensor with 4:3 aspect ratio and 51 megapixel resolution. SVS-Vistek has developed a new image optimization for this sensor, which is a unique selling point of the hr51 and permits use with an extended variety of lenses.   > read more

25. January 2021  |  SVCam Products

New: exo253ZU3 with 12 MP, USB and polarized sensor

The polarized sensor IMX253MZR from Sony simplifies many tasks in image processing. SVS-Vistek has already demonstrated some applications that would otherwise only be possible with incomparably more effort.   > read more