17. December 2018  |  SVCam Products

151 Megapixel: SVS-Visteks shr411

With the announcement of the shr411, SVS-Vistek presents a high-quality CMOS area scan camera, which provides users an outstanding resolution of 151 megapixels. The new member of the SHR series is equipped with Sony’s Pregius IMX411 sensor and a CoaXPress interface.   > read more

16. December 2018  |  SVCam Products

exo250 with polarized sensor goes into series production

The new polarized sensors from Sony are simplifying some very common machine vision tasks. As one of the first manufacturers of cameras, SVS-Vistek is already delivering this kind of technology as a series production model.   > read more

14. December 2018  |  SVCam Products

10 GigE Vision

SVS-Vistek is extending its range of interfaces with 10 GigE Vision. The high bandwidth of up to 1.1 GB/s of image data comes without changes on the software side. Migration will be easy and permits quick integration into the application.   > read more

13. December 2018  |  SVCam Products

New solutions with polarized sensor

The new polarized sensor from Sony has everything to simplify difficult tasks in image processing. On the Vision 2018 show SVS-Vistek showcased some applications which are common but hard to implement with standard sensors.   > read more

13. December 2018  |  SVCam Products

4 I/O, MFT and more

On the Vision show 2018 we showed an exo304MGETR Tracer camera and displayed the advantages of the integrated 4 I/O interface and the integrated strobe controller. The demo was always surrounded from visitors.   > read more

13. December 2018  |  SVCam Products

SWIR - Short wave infrared

SVS-Vistek is extending its portfolio to cameras into wavelength ranges not visible to human beings with the partnership of BlueVision. On the Vision 2018 show SVS-Vistek displayed a SWIR demo with excellent image quality.   > read more