47 megapixel precision - Made in Germany

The ON Semiconductor KAI-47051 CCD sensor boasts a 5.5 µm pixel pitch, 56.7 mm image diagonal and 7 frames/second at maximum data rate.

The SHR features an M72 lens mount. The short flange back distance of 19.55 mm allows individual adaptation of high performance lens systems for virtually any task. Our guarantee for the best results with this sensor.

SHR-series camera properties

  • 47 + X Megapixel at optimized frame rates
  • Sensors by ON Semiconductor
  • Progressive Scan CCD
  • Monochrome and color versions (Bayer mosaic)
  • 256 MB on-board memory
  • 14 bit digitization, transmitted as 8 or 12 bits
  • M72 lens mount (19.55 flange back distance)
  • 80 x 80 x 45 mm³
  • CCD tap balancing
  • User defined defect pixel correction
  • Area of Interest
  • Read Out Control – manual/delayed
  • White Balance – auto/manual (color versions)
  • Exposure control: trigger manual/auto/external
  • Signal safe: Schmitt-trigger, debouncer and prescaler
  • Manual Gain
  • Look Up Table
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Industrial I/O Concept: Up to 24V signal levels and RS232
  • 1 x galvanically isolated input
  • LED control up to 4x
  • Logic trigger functions
  • Sequencer – up to 16 individual Intervals (exposure and LED)
  • 4 pulseloop modules generate signals for exposure, LED or triggering
  • Pulse width modulation, high frequency
  • Power supply 10 – 25 VDC
  • GenICam compliant


Camera Link properties

  • Camera Link data interface
  • Pixel clock setting
  • Power over Camera Link (PoCL)


CoaXPress properties

  • Dual CoaXPress (2 x 6,25 Gbit/s)
  • Cable length up to 200 meter

Made by SVS-Vistek

Experience matters. Developing a high-performance product requires meticulously planned and executed steps. Tap-balancing and A/D conversion algorithms, developed by SVS-Vistek, safeguard consistently high quality and linearity, also at maximum data rates. CoaXPress & Camera Link interfaces The SHR gives you the choice between CoaXPress and Camera Link Full (80-bit) interfacing standards. This ensures flexibility in your solutions and provides scalability within the entire SVS-Vistek's camera series, thanks to the well-established I/O Concept. This also lets you control and drive up to four LED light sources directly from the SHR. Optical Precision High-precision sensor alignment and housing assembly warrants accurate image rendering and a sturdy base for the lens mount, adapters and lenses. The standardized M72 lens mount simplifies the use of a wide range of lenses and adapter rings, compatible with the half-frame format of the SHR. The next level – raising the stakes Unleash the power of your application with 47 megapixel. The SHR 47 means higher efficiency and quality for resolving the even the minutest details on large surfaces.