Enhance existing Camera Link architectures seamlessly, the SHR significantly boost bandwidth capability with the Camera Link 80-bit Full upgrade.

Employing as many as 16 taps, the sensor delivers its 47 megapixels in the finest CCD quality. The unique tap balancing, devised by SVS-Vistek, is renowned for being among the best - worldwide. It ensures effortless integration of the camera in your application.

Camera Link specific features

  • Camera Link Full (80-bit) host interface
  • pixel clock selection
  • binning
  • Up to 3.5 frames/second
  • Models & Technical Data
In development
Engineering sample

Applications and Application Areas

The SHR with Camera Link interface is first choice for enhancing existing applications. With its 47 megapixels it opens up new dimensions in throughput alternatlvely for rendering fine details. When it comes to quality control of wafers, solar panels, flat panel displays or other large surfaces in the semiconductor or consumer goods industries, the SHR is the ideal camera.

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