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World's Fastest High-Resolution SWIR Cameras Now Available

2024년 3월 14일 – SVCam Products
FXO SWIR camera with interfaces

SVS-Vistek proudly introduces new variants of the FXO camera series featuring Sony's High-Resolution IMX992 and IMX993 InGaAs sensors. These cameras are equipped with a 10GigE or CoaXPress-12 interface, making them the fastest High-Resolution SWIR cameras currently available on the market. The fxo992 and fxo993 offer 5.2MP or 3.1MP at 132.6fps and 173.4fps respectively and are available for order now with or without thermoelectric cooling (TEC). 


Imaging in the shortwave infrared (SWIR) range offers numerous advantages for a wide range of inspection tasks that require visualization of the invisible. Many materials have specific spectral properties, especially in the SWIR range, which can be utilized in many imaging tasks that cannot be solved with conventional visible light cameras. Examples of this include quality control of semiconductors, including subsurface inspection, content inspection of opaque containers, determining substances and detecting foreign material contamination, inspection and control of coatings, monitoring conditions, e.g. in agriculture and the food industry, as well as detecting and localizing water content.

apllication examples of SWIR inspections

Numerous advantageous features

The technical features of the new fxo992 and fxo993 have been optimized under consideration of the wide variety of industrial automation applications. These features include the integrated Multichannel Strobe Controller, the GenICam interface for camera configuration and associated transport layer for reliable image capture. Additionally, the firmware includes image optimization functions such as defect pixel correction or two-point NUC (Non Uniformity Correction). The cameras have a thermo-mechanically optimized design measuring just 50mm x 50mm (WxH) and a maximum length of 82.8mm, making them very compact even with additional sensor temperature stabilization (cooling). These features enable reliable solutions for complex inspection tasks in various areas, including semiconductor, battery, glass, laser and gemstone inspection, the recycling industry, and research and development. SVS-Vistek also offers suitable accessories such as lenses and cables as well as lighting suitable for the new FXO SWIR models with C-mount. This enables the construction of reliable and finetuned SWIR image processing systems.

SWIR fxo992 und fxo993 with interfaces and cooled option Logo


Learn more about the new SWIR cameras in the FXO series here.

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