World Premiere HR51

High resolution goes 10GigE @ VisionChina
• 51 MP resolution
• 10 fps with full 10GigE bandwidth
• excellent dynamic range

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New technology in a new housing

The brand new FXO series combines the outstanding image quality of the Sony Pregius S sensor with the most modern high-speed interfaces.

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New Overview online

Get the latest overview of all cameras made by SVS-Vistek

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Dynamic lens control

SVS-Vistek provides a specially developed EF-adapter. With lenses of the Canon EF and EF-S series, this allows electrical control of the focus and aperture using software.

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The new Pregius S sensors

The fourth generation of sensors is now available in the EXO and the brand new FXO series.

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Speedy HR!

> Fastest camera with Sony Pregius IMX342
> 31.4 MP @ 35.4 fps
> Most compact size (70 x 70 x 55.4 mm)
> Industry-leading temperature management
> Industry-leading integrated feature set

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Integrated 4-Channel

> less hardware
> less cable
> less maintenance
> less costs

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More Power!

151 MP @ 6.2 fps and 82 dB Dynamic Range.
The new SHR 411 is ready for the major tasks.

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Cameras and know-how for industrial machine vision

Automated industrial inspection systems based on image processing are becoming ever more powerful and take on an increasing number of tasks on the modern factory floor and in other areas: Surface inspection, quality control, metrology and robotics. Even in security, surveillance and the film industry. Being one of the most innovative manufacturer of high-end industrial cameras, SVS-Vistek possesses an extraordinary wealth of know-how and experience in excess of 30 years.

High Quality Cameras for Machine Vision

SVS-Vistek is a manufacturer of high-end cameras for machine vision applications. Our cameras are used in those applications where a closer look is needed and first-class images are needed. Industrial cameras for example are used to inspect the quality of industrially manufactured goods, help to regulate the traffic and make it safer or offer the film industry opportunities for exciting scenes from unusual angles.

Machine Vision Cameras

Creating Connections

SVS-Vistek is a system partner. SVIndividual combines all components and connects them to their purpose. We create software according to functional specifications, help you finding the best possible solution and conduct the integration in machine building. We offer you valuable experiences from other projects, gather new from the implementation of our products and improve them constantly according to our own, strict standards.