New: EXO

X sensors, X interfaces – one housing, one platform. With the new EXO SVS-Vistek introduces a highly flexible and robust camera for system integrators with regularly changing tasks.

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Details matter

Never miss a detail: The HR is one of the most proven, comprehensive and fastest camera series with very high resolutions. High-end made by SVS Vistek.

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Stay in Control

Control lenses via Ethernet. The EVO Tracer is the first machine vision camera with micro 4/3“-support, making it possible to adapt focus, zoom and aperture in actual operation.

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Even More ECO

The performance upgrade. The ECO²-series expands the ECO with high-performance CCD sensors from ON Semiconductor and Sony - reaching resolutions up to 12 Mpx.

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SVCam »BlackLine«

With the »BlackLine«-standard SVS-Vistek offers the possibility to implement machine vision in rugged environments more easliy and cost effective than before.

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Cameras, components and know-how for industrial machine vision

Automated inspection systems based on image processing are becoming ever more powerful and take on an increasing number of tasks on the modern factory floor and in other areas: Surface inspection, quality control, metrology and robotics. Even in security, surveillance and the film industry. Being one of the most innovative manufacturer of high-end industrial cameras, as well as a long-standing provider of components, SVS-Vistek possesses an extraordinary wealth of know-how and experience in excess of 25 years.

High-End Cameras
for Machine Vision

SVS-Vistek is a manufacturer of high-end cameras for machine vision applications. Our SVCAM series cameras are used in those applications where a closer look is needed and first-class images are needed. SVCAM cameras for example are used to inspect the quality of industrially manufactured goods, help to regulate the traffic and make it safer or offer the film industry opportunities for exciting scenes from unusual angles.

Machine Vision Cameras

for Machine Vision

Machine Vision is more than a perfect camera. In SVComponents you find the comprehensive market knowledge and specific know-how of our certified partners. From lenses, lighting systems and filters to framegrabbers, imaging software and suitable cables we offer you a great variety of components that fit perfectly to each other and your requirements.

Machine Vision Components


SVS-Vistek is a system partner. SVIndividual combines all components and connects them to their purpose. We create software according to functional specifications, help you finding the best possible solution and conduct the integration in machine building. We offer you valuable experiences from other projects, gather new from the implementation of our products and improve them constantly according to our own, strict standards.