4. November 2020  |  SVCam Products

Small volume top performance: The FXO with nBase-T and 10GigE

In the new FXO camera series, SVS-Vistek relies on the new Pregius S sensors of the 4. generation from Sony and the powerful nBase-T and 10GigE interface. This very small 10GigE camera with C-mount is characterized by an extraordinary image quality.   > read more

24. October 2020  |  SVCam Products

hr51 with 51 megapixel and 10GigE live at VisionChina

For the first time the new camera hr51MXGE with 10GigE interface from SVS-Vistek is presented live at VisionChina2020 (Shenzhen) in November 2020. With its resolution of 51 megapixels and state-of-the-art interfaces, it is ideally suited for a wide range of image processing applications. In addition, the hr51 is the perfect successor for applications with the OnSemi KAI-29050 CCD sensor, as it is a plug and play solution in terms of optical format.   > read more

15. September 2020  |  SVCam Products

Technology Package FXO

The FXO is the latest camera series from SVS-Vistek. The focus is on a high-end camera series in C-mount format with the latest sensor and interface technology.   > read more

13. July 2020  |  SVCam Products

Sony Gen. 4 sensors in new EXO cameras

The 4th generation of the new Sony Pregius sensors offers excellent image quality with global shutter, high resolution with a small pixel and an exceptional speed. SVS-Vistek is one of the first camera manufacturers to offer the new sensors in a series camera with C-mount. The models exo540 and exo541 with the resolutions 24.5 or 20.3 megapixels are now available as series models with GigE Vision or USB3 interface.   > read more

4. May 2020  |  SVCam Products

Dynamic lens control for industrial applications

SVS-Vistek always strives to provide customers with new and innovative products. We are pleased to be able to provide a specially developed SVS-EF-adapter for our industrial cameras. With lenses of the Canon EF and EF-S series, this allows electrical control of the focus and aperture, which can be conveniently set using the software.   > read more