15. September 2020  |  SVCam Products

Technology Package FXO

The FXO is the latest camera series from SVS-Vistek. The focus is on a high-end camera series in C-mount format with the latest sensor and interface technology.   > read more

13. July 2020  |  SVCam Products

Sony Gen. 4 sensors in new EXO cameras

The 4th generation of the new Sony Pregius sensors offers excellent image quality with global shutter, high resolution with a small pixel and an exceptional speed. SVS-Vistek is one of the first camera manufacturers to offer the new sensors in a series camera with C-mount. The models exo540 and exo541 with the resolutions 24.5 or 20.3 megapixels are now available as series models with GigE Vision or USB3 interface.   > read more

4. May 2020  |  SVCam Products

Dynamic lens control for industrial applications

SVS-Vistek always strives to provide customers with new and innovative products. We are pleased to be able to provide a specially developed SVS-EF-adapter for our industrial cameras. With lenses of the Canon EF and EF-S series, this allows electrical control of the focus and aperture, which can be conveniently set using the software.   > read more

23. March 2020  |  SVS-Vistek intern

COVID-19 Statement

Dear valued partners and customers,

During this difficult time, I want to send our best wishes for your health and safety and that of your fellow employees and families. We are committed to full compliance with any governmentally imposed restrictions on travel, meetings and events in all the countries in which we operate. Additionally, we have set the following rules:   > read more

18. February 2020  |  SVCam Products

Shading with CMOS cameras

There are many good reasons for lens testing. But although an (expensive) lens has excellent values, it doesn't necessarily have to be compatible with your favorite camera. A shading effect can often be observed, but it is avoidable. Modern, high-resolution cameras with large CMOS sensors are particularly affected. A search for the cause.   > read more