December 19, 2016  |  SVCam Products

New EXO Cameras with Camera Link and Sony IMX sensores

With the new IMX Pregius 2 sensors, Sony raised CMOS image quality to a new level. SVS-Vistek is implementing its ‚X interfaces‘ strategy and is presenting new EXO cameras with Sony IMX sensors and Camera Link. Thus the full range of Sony IMX Sensors from 2.3 up to 12 Megapixel is available with all 3 major interfaces: Camera Link, USB3 and GigEVision.   > read more

December 13, 2016  |  Market

New sales partners for the UK and Italy

New sales partners for the UK and Italy!
SVS-Vistek expanding its European distribution network.
It has been able to gain two technologically skilled partners perfectly meeting its expectations and quality standards for the distribution of its high-end industrial machine vision cameras.   > read more

November 21, 2016  |  SVCam Products

Final spurt for SVS-Vistek

Final spurt for SVS-Vistek. VISION Stuttgart 2016 and ITE Yokohama marking the end of a successful year of trade shows.   > read more

October 24, 2016  |  SVCam Products

New members for the EXO series

X sensors, X interfaces - one Body, one platform
Now with 9 and 12 megapixels for even more details - the EXO series is being enlarged with the addition of the latest Sony IMX-series CMOS sensors.   > read more