18. February 2020  |  SVCam Products

Shading with CMOS cameras

There are many good reasons for lens testing. But although an (expensive) lens has excellent values, it doesn't necessarily have to be compatible with your favorite camera. A shading effect can often be observed, but it is avoidable. Modern, high-resolution cameras with large CMOS sensors are particularly affected. A search for the cause.   > read more

17. February 2020  |  SVCam Products

101 Megapixel for Excellent Images

The new shr461CX is the latest model out of the high-resolution SHR camera series from SVS-Vistek. The new rolling shutter sensor IMX461 from Sony offers an extremely high resolution of 14192 x 10640 pixels and - as with its big sister shr411 - an outstanding image quality.   > read more

18. December 2019  |  SVCam Products

hr342XGE: A champion in the field with 31 megapixels

The hr342XGE is a technological milestone in camera construction. The camera combines the exceptional image quality of the Sony Pregius 2 sensor with an economical and super fast interface in a compact yet cool housing. It is currently the smallest IMX342 camera with 10 GigE on the market.   > read more

23. October 2019  |  SVCam Products

New cameras up to 31MP with M42 mount and GigE Vision

SVS-Vistek has recently started offering high quality CMOS cameras with M42 mount. This allows even higher-resolution sensors with large 3.45 x 3.45 μm pixels to be integrated into the EXO series, with many advantages for the user.   > read more

26. September 2019  |  SVCam Products

ON Semiconductor CCD Sensor Discontinuance Notification

ON Semiconductor plans to discontinue production of CCD sensors in Rochester/USA in 2020 and shut down the factory. SVS-Vistek helps its customers migrate from CCD cameras with OnSemi CCD sensors to current alternatives.   > read more