12. April 2022  |  SVCam Products

The better white balance

The color reproduction of industrial cameras is a challenge for engineers very often. SVS-Vistek's FXO series offers a method that goes far beyond normal RGB balancing and can also be used with industrial lighting.   > read more

2. March 2022  |  SVCam Products

Better than the human eye

Machine Vision with properties of light invisible to the human eye, such as SWIR, UV or Polarized, is becoming increasingly important in industrial inspection. The new cameras for invisible properties of light are as easy to use as any industrial cameras from SVS-Vistek. From now on, theseexciting and innovative cameras can be found on our website in the "Beyond Visible" section.   > read more

25. January 2022  |  SVCam Products

FXO ready to deliver

The FXO series is our latest C mount performance camera series. State-of-the-art image sensors from Sony set standards for image quality in industrial vision and are operated at maximum frame rate. A high in-house production depth and a network of regional suppliers enable the availability of this outstanding camera series even in times of globally endangered supply chains.   > read more

8. November 2021  |  SVCam Products

Machine Vision with focusable lenses

EXO, FXO and HR series cameras now support focusable lenses from Canon. The new SVS-EF adapter thus simplifies flexible inspection solutions with all industrial vision cameras from SVS-Vistek.   > read more

25. August 2021  |  SVCam Products

Global Shutter with 127 Megapixel - shr661: the fat boy in machine vision

More resolution! More image quality! With high-resolution machine vision systems, the smallest object structures are classified in the highest quality. However, all sensors available on the market with resolutions with 100 megapixel and above only use a rolling shutter. The new shr661 CMOS camera from SVS-Vistek can confidently be called a milestone in machine vision, because it offers an enormous resolution of 127 megapixels and, despite this extremely high resolution, works with a global shutter. It thus enables new applications in numerous fields of use.   > read more

8. August 2021  |  SVCam Products

High resolution with global shutter

High resolution cameras are usually equipped with a rolling shutter, which is easier to manufacture but can cause problems, especially in applications with moving objects. The new industrial cameras hr49, hr51 and hr65 from SVS-Vistek offer an extremely wide range of applications with their combination of high resolution, global shutter and modern interfaces.   > read more