May 09, 2017  |  Components

Open eVision with Release 2.0

Version 2.0 of Euresys’ machine vision library Open eVision has been released, boasting hardware support, a new EasyOCR2 module and a simplified licensing model.   > read more

May 02, 2017  |  SVCam Products

Highly sensitive 20MP camera with C-mount

The number of areas in which machine vision is being used is growing by the day. At the same time, the trend towards high resolution remains unabated. SVS-Vistek is going new ways with the new EXO183 and presenting the EXO183GE, a high-resolution camera with a C-mount and a rolling shutter.   > read more

May 02, 2017  |  SVCam Products

Hot: EXO with a specified temperature range of -10 to +60°C

The final long-term testing has been completed. All EXO models featuring the Sony IMX sensor are now specified for operating temperatures from -10 to +60 °C, thus widening the range of applications for which this extremely flexible industrial camera can be used.   > read more

April 27, 2017  |  SVCam Products

Move! MFT lenses in machine vision

In machine vision, there is a clear trend towards greater resolutions, while image quality is increasingly growing in importance. Higher richness of detail is leading to increased detection reliability. Whereas many of the lenses used by industry feature a fixed aperture and focus, a powerful standard with controllable lenses has emerged in the consumer segment. Is it suitable for industrial use?   > read more