The Management Team

Established expertise, decades of experience, passion and enthusiasm for technology. The management of SVS-Vistek GmbH combines our most important corporate values in three very different personalities.
Walter Denk

Walter Denk (Dipl.-Phys.)

A physics degree and a thesis in the field of biophysics about "The motion perception in humans" are the technical bases of Walter Denk. After graduation, he deepened his knowledge in industrial image processing within the Dr. Seitner company group. In 1998 he founded together with Ulf Weisser the SVS-Vistek GmbH. Walter Denk brings his extensive experience in dealing with components for image processing - specifically software - in the joint company and is one of the managing partner.

 Andreas Schaarschmidt

Andreas Schaarschmidt (Dipl.-Ing. (FH))

A degree in electrical engineering, a predilection for photo and video equipment, as well as enthusiasm for new technologies. This is what distinguishes Andreas Schaar­schmidt and forms the basis for his successful, more than 20-year career in industrial image processing. Since 2009 he is responsible for customer service and strategic development of the successful business model of the SVS-Vistek GmbH - since 2010 as managing partner.

Dr. Thomas Dekorsy

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Dekorsy

Since September 2019 Dr. Dekorsy has been Executive Integration Officer (EIO) at Lakesight Technologies Holding GmbH. Simultaneously he is the Managing Director of Mikrotron and SVS-Vistek, responsible for the integration and consolidation of the six companies in the group: Allied Vision, Chromasens, Mikrotron, NET, SVS-Vistek and Tattile.

Henrik Ilsby

Henrik Ilsby (B.Sc. (Dipl.-Ing.))

Henrik Ilsby studied "Electronic & Manufacturing Engineering" at the Technical University in Copenhagen and collected after graduating many years of experience in industrial image processing - among others at the International JAI camera manufacturer, as a board member of the "Automated Imaging Association" (AIA) and most recently as CEO of "Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S". Since December 2012 Henrik Ilsby is responsible at SVS-Vistek for the sales activities in Europe, Asia and America.