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Our ultraviolet cameras are built upon our highly successful FXO foundation. The fast CoaXPress-12 interface provides outstanding performance in terms of ultra-low trigger latency, faster frame rate and constant data rate. The 10GigE interface option is an economical, highly stable alternative with advantages for long data lines up to 100m. Sony Pregius UV sensors combine high resolution, high dynamic range and superior sensitivity in the wavelength range of 200 up to 400 nm.

Our ultraviolet cameras are optimized for deployment in industrial automation processes thanks to advanced signal voltages, temperature stability, I/O control, integrated strobe controller, and feature-rich firmware.

Technical highlights:

  • GenICam 3.0 Software interface, GenTL
  • CoaXPress-12 single lane or 10GigE
  • LUT, Binning, ROI
  • Electrical and optical inputs
  • Up to 60°C operating temperature
  • Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, logic functions, programmable sequencers and timers, RS232 interface, integrated 4-channel strobe controller


  • モデル及び仕様
モデル [MP] 解像度 [ピクセル] センサー センサーサイズ 画像転送速度[fps] モノクロ/カラー マウント インターフェース 在庫状況
fxo487MCX 8.1 2840 x 2840 IMX487-AAMJ-C / Sony 11.1mm (Type 2/3) 87 UV C CXP-12 with 1 Connection
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fxo487MCX12-2C 8.1 2848 x 2848 IMX487-AAMJ-C / Sony 11.1mm (Type 2/3) 195 UV C CXP-12 with 2 Connections
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fxo487MXGE 8.1 2840 x 2840 IMX487-AAMJ-C / Sony 11.1mm (Type 2/3) 87 UV C 10GigE
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Application areas

Ultraviolet cameras are ideal for high-speed sorting of materials, including complex sorting of recycled materials. Biological environments are also an area of application, such as fluorescence analysis, plant monitoring and food inspection. Glass, jewelry and liquids can also be closely examined with UV cameras. SVS-Vistek UV cameras monitor power lines and are used in process monitoring in the semiconductor industry and wafer processing.


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