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The FXO: Outstanding image
and the latest interfaces

The brand new FXO series combines the outstanding image quality of the Sony Pregius S sensor with the most modern high-speed interfaces. 10GigE and CoaXPress-12 are supported. The integrated strobe controller facilitates the construction of slim applications.

FXO 10GigE VisionとCoaXPress

ソニーのPregiusシリーズの新しい第4世代センサは、FXOシリーズの心臓部です。新しい裏面照射型テクノロジにより、センサは以前のPregius世代よりもさらに光に敏感で、低ノイズです。画像の優れた均一性とダイナミックレンジは、標準を設定しています。2.74umのピクセルサイズにより安価なレンズの使用も可能です。各センササイズ用に特殊加工されたコンパクトなハウジングと最新の電子機器が、この高速で高性能なセンサに理想的な作業環境を提供しています。FXOは、センサの優れた画質と高速インターフェイス、強力なI / O、カメラ機能を兼ね備えています。

Powerful camera features

  • Resolutions up to 24.5 megapixels (up to 1.2") in a small C-mount housing
  • Thermally highly optimized milled housing
  • State-of-the-art interfaces 10GigE and CoaXPress-12 with PoE or PoCXP
  • Mono and Color (Bayer) with auto white balance
  • Various trigger and exposure modes, global shutter
  • Auto and manual gain and exposure
  • Various binning modes with performance boost
  • Area of ​​Interest (AOI/ROI)
  • 8 or 12 bit color depth
  • 1024 MB image memory (10GigE)
  • Logical trigger functions (PLC)
  • Power output (4-channel strobe controller) with 3A max
  • Electric and optical inputs TTL-24V
  • Programmable timers and sequencers with logic modules
  • SDK for Windows and Linux (X86, ARM) available
  • GenTL driver, GenICam Standard 3.0

Areas of application

The field of application of the FXO covers  highest demands on image quality and data rate. The small pixel allows inexpensive lenses in the application and a camera with a small footprint and high resolution. The integrated GenICam strobe controller effectively saves costs by reducing components. In plant engineering, the fast FXO scores with the latest sensor technology and the extended temperature range, many I / O interfaces and the integrated strobe controller.