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High-resolution and ready for the series: The new shr661

2022年10月28日 – SVCam Products
High-resolution and ready for the series: The new shr661
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Distortions and illumination-related pattern artifacts complicate image evaluation in image processing applications and are therefore undesirable. They often occur when the test objects move relative to the camera and the camera is only equipped with a conventional rolling shutter, in which the exposure starts line by line one after the other. This can be remedied by camera sensors with a global shutter, in which, to put it simply, all pixels are exposed and read out simultaneously. However, users who want to monitor fast processes with image processing systems and are dependent on high resolutions have faced a problem in the past: High-resolution cameras with global shutter in the range of 100 megapixels and more have not been available on the market until now.

127 megapixels with Global Shutter

SVS-Vistek has closed this gap with the shr661: This CMOS camera has a very high resolution of 127 megapixels and still works with a global shutter. The global shutter makes automated inspection possible at this high resolution and moving objects, for example on a conveyor belt. The shr661 is based on the IMX661 sensor from the Sony Pregius series with a pixel size of 3.45 µm edge length and a resolution of 127 megapixels (13,392 x 9,528 pixels). The modern backlight technology enables a very high light sensitivity and an above-average noise behavior. This enables an extraordinary image quality to be achieved, with which even the finest structures can be imaged without any problems. As a result, the shr661 is currently one of the most powerful industrial cameras on the market. 

Interface options expanded

The IMX661 sensor operates in the shr661 with a data rate of up to 3.2 GB/s. Modern, fast interfaces are required here. The shr661 with 10GigE interface enables a transfer of up to 8.2 full fps. The shr661 offers even more transfer performance with CoaXPress-12 (4 connections) and up to 20.3 fps. With these performance data, the new shr661 with CoaXPress once again significantly expands the spectrum of possible applications.

The shr661 is available with two different interface ports. (© SVS-Vistek GmbH)

Helpful properties for the practice

In addition to the outstanding combination of resolution, global shutter and high-speed data transmission, all shr661 models provide users with a number of other helpful features for practical use, such as flat field correction and defect pixel correction. This is the easiest way to optimize the image quality. Poor illumination or lens shading can also be compensated within certain limits. For easy integration into the technical environment, an I/O framework with multiple inputs and four power-out outputs is available, supporting precise triggering as well as sequencers and logical operators. LED lighting can be directly controlled via the outputs of the integrated strobe controller and sequencer. Since the shr661 is GenICam/GenTL compatible, it can be easily integrated into all major machine vision software packages in just a few minutes.

Large sensor, Small housing

Mechanical integration into industrial applications is also not a major hurdle due to the shr661's design, which is consistently geared towards industrial use. Despite the considerable size of the sensors, the new shr661 cameras offer an extremely compact design that gives application engineers a great deal of freedom in integration. This also applies to the connection of suitable lenses: the large mount of the shr661 enables a wide selection of lenses and thus optimal adaptation to the task at hand. As a helpful service, SVS-Vistek's experienced experts advise their customers on the selection of suitable lenses and, if necessary, conduct thorough tests to ensure that the application works with optimal imaging. By supplying the camera and the associated lens together from a single source, users are thus assured of receiving the optimal setup for their application. Cameras with a compact design often have the problem of overheating quickly during use, which leads to lower image quality. However, the shr661 is designed for the highest image quality and is therefore equipped with the proven SHR temperature management, which is responsible for the excellent noise behavior of the sensor. It ensures an even temperature distribution over the entire, very large sensor area and thus also enables excellent homogeneity of the captured images. The complex calibration of individual areas of the stitched sensor thus remains constant over a wide temperature range.

copyright title image: © SVS-Vistek GmbH

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