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Camera Link - the most direct connection to the image

The Camera Link interface is ideal for particularly demanding engineers. It starts directly behind the A/D converter process and thus enables direct access to the image data of the sensor. Time and content influences of the camera on your images are reduced to a minimum with this standard.

Classical High-Speed

The LVDS signals (Low Voltage Differential Signals) in the Camera Link cables are less susceptible to EMC influences, but require a special frame grabber on the computer (PC). With the Camera Link Full (80 bit) standard, data rates of up to 850 MByte/s (gross) are possible.

SVCam series with Camera Link Interface

Among our SVCam industrial cameras you will find many different models with Camera Link interface. Use our Camera Finder to find the optimal camera for your application:

SVCam models with Camera Link interface (20)

Things to know about the Camera Link standard

Die Möglichkeiten von CL

Camera Link does not place great demands on the camera's chipset. Camera Link cameras are often characterized by lower power dissipation.

Beyond the pure data stream of the sensor, SVS-Vistek offers for Camera Link cameras the possibility to perform minor image corrections (hot pixel, etc.) directly in the camera.