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Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Quality just in time

Cars from Germany are popular the world over. They embody an ideal combination of image, design and quality, and represent the performance capabilities of German engineering. One in every seven jobs in the country is directly or indirectly linked to the German car manufacturing.

A key element of the closely interlinked industrial structures is immediate quality control of all parts in the relevant production cycle and hence reliable just-in-time delivery. The quality certificate for the goods is binding, audited and documented and allows just-in-time delivery and hence customer retention. Stringent, automated input control and parts inspection ensures a company’s production quality.    

SVS-Vistek cameras measure the size, orientation and characteristics of component parts and interim products. And they do so twenty-four hours a day, reliably.

That's what matters

  • Zero errors
    Highly networked supply chains are possible if the quality of the intermediate products fully complies with the defined specifications. Perfect image quality forms the basis of all robust quality checks.
  • Economical application
    If large volumes are to be measured and checked, the system price of the application also plays a role. Hardware camera features such as an integrated strobe controller result in applications that are also lean in terms of price.

Typical fields of application & suitable cameras

Welding seam inspection


    • EXO - the integrator´s camera

      • Latest sensor technology from Sony, On Semi and CMOSIS
      • Excellent thermal design for best image uniformity
      • Machined housing for mechanical robustness and thermal performance
      • 3A max integrated 4-channel GenICam strobe controller
      • available with GigE Vision, Camera Link or USB3 interface
      • extended temperature range