With a resolution of 47 MP, 5.5µm pixels and global shutter, the SHR features a low-noise half-frame CCD multi-tap sensor in a class of its own. State-of-the-art tap sensor balancing and the highest structural precision of the sensor adjustment in a massive housing make the SHR with its lens shading correction the ideal partner for the most demanding optical applications.

  • 5.5 µm CCD pixel pitch with global shutter
  • 47 megapixel at 7 frames/sec
  • Superb tap balancing
  • User defined lens shading correction
  • Integrated 4-channel LED strobe controller
  • Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, programmable logic functions, sequencers and timers, RS232

CoaXPress specific features

CoaXPress currently is the fastest standardized industrial solution for long-distance industrial cameras with thin cables. The industrial camera I/O interface facilitates integration.

  • Dual CoaXPress-6 (up to 12.5 Gbps)
  • Power over CoaXPress
  • Cable length up to 140 m (depending on data rate)
  • Models & Technical Data
in development
Model [MP] Resolution [pixel] Sensor Sensor Size Frame
Rate [fps]
Chroma Mount Interface Availa-
shr47051CCX 47 8864 x 5280 KAI-47051-F / ON Semiconductor Medium Format 7 color M72x0.75 CXP-6 2 Lanes
Details +
shr47051MCX 47 8864 x 5280 KAI-47051-A / ON Semiconductor Medium Format 7 mono M72x0.75 CXP-6 2 Lanes
Details +

Applications and Application Areas

The SHR with CoaXPress interface has been created for high end applications in which speed and efficiency are required to bring quality to the market economically. The long cables are an additional benefit. Typical applications include the inspection of semiconductors, solar panels or flat screens as well as aerial photography.

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